Getting to Know Randy Parsons

Randy Parsons is the Project Manager here at QAT Global and just so happens to be the very first employee that Ken and Rollie, the founders, brought onto the team. He did not actually plan on falling into the technology industry. Randy’s first job after graduating from college was as a chemical engineer at the Omaha Public Power District (OPPD).  While working at OPPD, he started getting into the IT side of engineering since there was no one there to focus on it. At the time, Ken Bass was working at OPPD as well and noticed the interest and talent Randy had in the IT department. In 1996 after Ken had left OPPD to start QAT Global, Randy was recruited as the first employee.

Outside of his work life, Randy’s volunteerism centers around Boy Scouts and Robotics – two things his son, Eric, was heavily involved with also. “I originally got involved because Eric participated in both of those activities and I wanted to be a part of something with him,” Randy said.  “Even though Eric is out of Boy Scouts, I still am involved as a troop leader and coordinator of camping,” he said. Randy is also involved with the Vex Robotics as a referee through the local Create Foundation that promotes the S.T.E.M technology – one of the things they do is sponsor the robotic events.

Randy has been a Boy Scouts Troop leader for 13 years now, and a Robotics referee for five years.  Randy decided to stay and continue volunteering, even though his son was out of both programs because not only does he enjoy them, he believes they have a positive impact on the Omaha community. “I think that Boy Scouts is a program that keeps the boys on the right path and teaches them the right skills,” Randy said. “I stay involved with Boy Scouts because they come in as fifth graders and you watch them grow up and you want to see them earn their Eagle rank.” Randy continues as a referee for Robotics because he believes it is also a great program that teaches many valuable skills. “It teaches kids the engineering and science of building robots,” Randy said. “They also have to learn how to be organized, because the students must keep a log of their entire build process.”   The program also improves their communication skills by requiring the students to present their robots to a judging panel and working with the other teams they are partnered with for each match.”

Randy gains satisfaction volunteering with both programs because he enjoys watching and seeing the kids grow from grade school to young adults. “It is rewarding to see them mature and their skills grow every year,” Randy said.

Living in Omaha for 33 years and working at QAT Global for 23, Randy believes the Omaha Community to be a “hidden gem,” as it has a lot of the big city amenities and is a safe place to raise a family.

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