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mentor inside and outside of the office, Julie believes that should always give back to those around you.  “As Delivery Manager, I lead a team of developers and help them strive to do their best,” Julie said.

Outside of work, Julie is the Advancement Chair for the Boy Scouts; helping the scouts on their road to Eagle through leadership and guidance. Julie was originally involved in scouts because of her son and was part of his journey to Eagle Scout.  Julie has now been the  Advancement Chair for the Boy Scouts of America -Troop 99 for nine years. “My son, Eric, joined Cub Scouts and crossed over to boy scouts in 2010,” she said. “As the Advancement Chair, I oversee all the awards, advancements, and helping the scouts on their path to be an Eagle Scout.  I enjoy watching the scouts join when they are young and seeing how they grow and become leaders thru their years in scouting. “It is really amazing watching the journey of these young boys to become great leaders as they grow up learning leadership and communications skills through their scouting experiences,” she said. Julie believes being a leader for scouts benefits her through inspiration from the leadership of the scouts and how scouting benefits the community by the service the boys do. “The boys do a lot of service projects, which is wonderful as these boys are going to be leaders of our future,” Julie said.

Other than Scouting, Julie is the lead usher at the main service at her church. The apple does not fall far from the tree with Julie, as she followed in the path of her father who was also an usher. “My father was an usher at church when I was growing up. In the back of my mind, I always thought it would be great to do, and I knew someday I would. When my kids got older and were in Sunday school, I had the opportunity to do it – so I did,” Julie said.  Julie has gained several friends through ushering and enjoys seeing new and familiar faces come through church each week.  “Ushering benefits, the community by making people feel a part of something,” Julie said. “Being there, saying hello, and helping people with any questions they might have. It is nice making them feel like they have a church home to come to.”

From leading a group of developers at work to a group of Boy Scouts and familiar or new Sunday faces at church, Julie loves being a part of the Omaha Community.  “I like the friendships that you can build with people,” she said. Julie also believes Omaha is a great place to raise kids and have a family. “I have three wonderful children and I like to think that my husband and I have raised them to be a part of the community, to give back, and to lead and mentor others,” she said. Julie enjoys that Omaha is a big city where you have everything at your hand; from fun entertainment to good food and shopping – but not so big that you can still get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time.

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