Getting to Know Francisco Garcia

Francisco Garcia is a Solutions Architect at QAT Global and has been with the company for 14 years. From the office to home, Francisco is involved in supporting the Omaha community. Throughout his years with the company he has been involved with its support of The Salvation Army, United Way, Madonna School, and other charities. “QAT Global is involved in a lot of community kind of projects, with the campaigns. I think that is a philosophy that the company has that is very good,” Francisco said. “I also think that we have to apply that outside of the company if we can; we always need to help the people in need.”

Francisco and his wife actively support the Millard South Food Pantry that their daughters are involved in. “One of the big projects Rebecca did in High School was to create a food pantry for students who did not have the resources they needed. They get the donations from stores like Hy-Vee so that they can have those resources available to the students in need,” said Francisco. While Rebecca has graduated, she continues working with the food pantry along with her sister Elena who is active in Student Council at Millard South. “Rebecca works at H&M, and through her work, she created a campaign, “The H&M Food Drive,” so they can collect more food for the pantry. It has been a very successful, nice project for the community,” Francisco said.

Francisco and his wife support their daughters’ community involvement. Over the last three years, he and his wife have created flyers and gone to the store to pick up food for the pantry, amongst other things. They are always supporting them in giving back to the community. To Francisco, it is in the satisfaction in knowing that you are helping your community that makes him feel good. “I gained satisfaction in knowing that some kids that do not have the needed resources are getting those resources. They do not have to worry about being hungry; they just have to worry about school. The fact that my daughters have the initiative to be so kind is also a big satisfaction,” said Francisco.

Volunteering is showing kindness to everybody, according to Francisco. “If someone receives something like this, I believe that the kids would do something like that in the future to give back to others. So, I think the public will have a great impact through the food pantry,” he said. Francisco likes the fact that the people are very family-oriented in Omaha and that they have excellent values, and are generally very kind.

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