Getting to Know Chuck Snyder

Chuck Snyder is a  Director of Business Development at QAT Global, a position he has held for 22+ years. “I appreciate all of those 22 years,” Chuck said. “The culture of QAT and how I have been able to grow as an individual and professionally through-out the years makes me feel very blessed to be here.” Chuck does his best to live by a creed that is; ‘it is within giving, that you receive’.

Outside QAT Global, Chuck has been volunteering with the Red Cross for ten years. “I coordinate blood drives and everything involved with them, from setting up the drive itself to the sign up of the participants and managing the day of the event,” said Chuck. Chuck became involved with the Red Cross because it is an organization he feels is very important with the work that they do. “Addressing the necessary need of having blood donors was something I wanted to be a part of,” Chuck said.

The Red Cross benefits the community in a way that saves lives. “Because the need is always there and from the perspective of blood itself, it is not something you can just go out and manufacture, it requires people to step up, volunteer, and be encouraged to do it,” he said.

Chuck is also involved with the Care Ministry at his church. “I am a caregiver for individuals who are going through a crisis of some sort in their life, usually something pretty major such as terminal illness or a personal crisis such as divorce,” he said.  The whole point of him being a caregiver for specific individuals is to be there for them in their time of need. “I meet with them individually once a week, for as long or brief a time as that person needs. I try to help them get through whatever difficulty or challenge they are going through.” The ministry benefits the community because there are a lot of people who face life challenges somewhat on their own.  Having a person they can count on that’s outside their traditional circle of family or friends can be really helpful for that person in their time of need.

Chuck is committed to his volunteerism in the Omaha community – a community he feels is home. From his perspective, Omaha is a community that is very personal, very friendly, and the people are overall willing to help their neighbor. “It is a community where I feel everything we need, you can find in Omaha”.