Modernizing Legacy Software Systems
Improving your operations & fueling growth by modernizing and migrating your legacy systems, architectures, & processes.

Legacy Software Systems

Modernizing old software to work in line with the business today.

Avoid the Pitfalls of Using Old Systems That Cost Your Team Time and Efficiency.

Odds are, you’re running a set of outdated legacy software systems that are no longer meeting the needs of your business. This scenario is all too common today – businesses across the world are moving rapidly to barely keep up with trends in mobility, security, and cloud infrastructure.

Many systems run on older technologies that have proven their value yet are complex, expensive and difficult to maintain, and often too rigid to help you accelerate time-to-market, improve customer service and expand into new markets. QAT Global can help you capitalize on your existing technology investments by retrofitting them with newer, high-performing technology that will increase older systems’ power, efficiency, and effectiveness or re-engineer them.

Key Business Reasons to Modernize Your Legacy Software Systems

Increase organizational flexibility, reduce the cost of running a business, and fuel growth by modernizing and migrating legacy systems, architectures and processes.

Use Cases

  • Do you need to rapidly improve your existing applications to meet new business demands that your organization faces?
  • Unsure of the long-term capability to take your existing software and scale it for higher usage and more traffic?
  • Have you faced a previous technology outage that has caused financial and operational setbacks because of your existing applications?
  • Not sure how to measure your existing applications’ Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and whether re-development is a potential option?

Benefits of Updating Legacy Software Systems

  • Move from a language that is hard to support to one that is simple and well-supported with development tools.
  • Gain access to a larger pool of potential staff; young developers are reluctant to learn “legacy” languages, and the number of experienced developers is quickly diminishing as the baby boomer generation retires.
  • Bug fixing.
  • New features implementation.
  • Improve system performance.
  • Meet user expectations.
  • Improve integration options with other IT systems.
  • Utilize less expensive, new hardware.
Legacy Modernization

Update Your Technology

Do you have dated software systems, but feel like you don’t have the time or money to update them?

Build trust in Your Systems

Do you feel reliant on one key employee to manage your operations…and want to feel more secure?

Empower Your Team

Are you running on antiquated technology that is time-consuming to work with and difficult for your team to organize?

Customize to Fit Your Budget

Have you been considering automating parts of your business…but worry about the cost of a custom software solution?

Legacy System Modernization

Our Services

QAT Global can show you a flexible modernization path for your legacy software systems. Our team of experts can re-engineer the architectural layers of legacy systems, including presentation layers, business logic, database and data and move them to more modern client/server or web-enabled systems.

We take a phased approach to modernizing software application portfolios to help clients minimize the potential for failure and organizational upheaval. Our legacy service offerings include:

  • Legacy revitalization
  • Re-engineering
  • Re-hosting
  • Platform and database migration
  • UI, application and data modernization
  • Legacy SOA, microservices, and web enablement

Contact us today about your legacy software system to learn more about how our extensive software skills and experience can help your organization.

Benefits of using QAT Global

Our modernization philosophy employs a holistic approach that not only focuses on improving efficiencies and lowering costs, but also helps solve business problems and achieve user objectives; addressing workloads, systems, processes, skills, and culture as critical components of a successful modernization.

At QAT Global, we believe in using open technologies, tools, and standards, proven IT methodologies, and organizational and industry insight to provide the best modernization approach. When you select us as your modernization partner, you can expect to receive recommendations, methodologies, and practices that will advance application and environment migration goals, increase standardization and implement cost-conscious strategies for your organization. Together, we will improve productivity and efficiency across your enterprise IT systems and enable an agile IT infrastructure to support your new business opportunities.

QAT Global’s legacy software services allow you to get your software renewed with improved architecture, cleaned code, fixed bugs and tuned performance.

  • We have a wide-range of experience and have built and worked on software systems that have weathered the test of time, surviving and thriving through many years of software trends and technology cycles.
  • We are “the right size” in that we can quickly bring in the appropriate specialists from our team that have the necessary expertise to help with the really challenging, technical pieces of a project, such as OLAP, custom database solutions, complex integrations, packet sniffing, or networking challenges, just to name a few.
  • We are focused on helping you achieve your business goals, and we are organized to be efficient, yet thorough. We can bridge older and newer technologies efficiently and effectively to get the results you need.
  • We have a phenomenal skill-set for working with older technologies and for adapting new technologies to achieve your goals.
  • Because custom software development is our core business, we use a lot of technologies, products, and tools. Chances are we have the background and experience with your technology, and we can use that to help you evaluate the risks and benefits.
  • Extensive capabilities across a vast array of programming languages and platforms.
  • Each legacy system is unique. Over the lifetime of software systems, administrators often create additions, enhancements and custom tools which enhance the system but also add to the complexity.

The Path to Modernization Success

Your legacy software handles the heavy lifting for your enterprise and was likely built over a long period of time. Today, it’s not logical to think you can rebuild a system that took 10-20 years in just 6 to 24 months. That’s why choosing application modernization services may be the smarter move.

We have the necessary underlying skill and experience to understand your unique and complex legacy systems, and we can design a scalable solution that will meet your needs.

What We Offer

Modernizing mission-critical applications can unlock a new depth of growth for your business. Choosing the right application modernization partner and path can turn yesterday’s software into today’s competitive advantage. QAT Global is a software development company that brings extensive experience in legacy modernization services — and we’re here to help you succeed.

System Extension

Implementation of new functionality within the existing system, refreshing the look and feel, and improving usability.

Code Refactoring

Streamlining of the system source code to get it ready for future improvements.

Full upgrade

A completely re-engineered software solution based on new platforms and technologies.

Data migration

Seamless migration of operational data from old software systems to the new system.

Performance improvements

Improved UX through faster backend and client applications featuring optimized UI.

System integration

Connect systems with all relevant services in the up-to-date environment.

The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” — John F. Kennedy

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