Lauren Holden 20 Years of Excellent Service at QAT Global

Lauren Holden

Lauren is a Technical Consultant here at QAT Global and has been building relationships since day one. She grew up in Warren, Ohio, and moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after marrying her husband, Vern. Lauren worked at a natural gas utility company for five years before making her move to Omaha and started a new career at First National Bank. It was not long before Lauren joined the QAT Global team, but she still worked hand in hand with First National Bank as their consultant, showing the importance of building close relationships and holding onto those ties.

It is unique for an IT consulting company to work continuously with a client for as long as QAT Global did with First National Bank, but what’s even more unique is the amount of time Lauren remained as a consultant and team lead on the account. Anywhere from six to twelve months is a typical lifespan for most technology consults working with a company on a contractual basis today. Typically, they do not last much longer than two years unless both parties involved are extremely happy. Most consultants like Lauren jump around from client to client throughout their careers. Someone who has been in the industry for 20 years, like Lauren, would have usually worked with over 20 clients. Lauren’s case is far from your average consultant; she has dedicated her time to only three clients and worked for First National Bank for over 18 years. That kind of contract and relationship is almost unheard of and shows the dedication and commitment we have to our clients here at QAT Global.

With QAT Global and First National Bank located just a few blocks apart in downtown Omaha, Lauren had the opportunity to serve both companies with ease. Lauren admits this is not typical for her field and it is also not the typical experience of most office employees. She loves that her job has not been “what’s expected;” it is special to her and her values. Lauren loves what she has built “I feel like I have two work families, my QAT Global family of course, but after working with First National for 18 years, I have another work family there too.”

When Lauren wasn’t bouncing between offices, she led a team of two other employees. She has lead teams of up to nine people in the past, so balance is one of her many valued skills. Even though Lauren’s official title was Technical Consultant, she had a wide variety of responsibilities from being the delivery manager on her accounts to programming. Daily tasks for Lauren included anything from running tests, coding, writing documentation, and doing analysis in addition to managing the account.

Lauren has never been short on having things to do and loves that she can have her hands on so many different pieces; she is committed to seeing QAT Global and her clients succeed. Recently, she joined our team of Delivery Managers and now works side by side with many of our other 20-year club members in QAT Global’s Omaha office.

While some people like to completely separate work and being at home, Lauren loves that her job allows her some flexibility to choose where and when she works since she’s a night owl and that is when she works best at times. Lauren laughed as she explained that she doesn’t have any hobbies like “normal people,” but that is why she is so valued at QAT Global, and by her clients, she is genuinely dedicated and a rare employee to have.

When Lauren is not managing accounts or coding, she is embracing her love of travel. There is a spark in her eyes, and she can’t help but smile ear to ear when she talks about her memories of traveling to Europe, China, Denmark, Finland, Russia, and Sweden. She has traveled extensively across the United States too, but Lauren prefers to travel abroad on each new trip she takes. Out of all the places she has visited, Lauren cherished her time in London the most. She said if she had to choose anywhere in the world to live London would be a clear choice for her.

Over the past 20 years, Lauren has been an invaluable part of our operation and has built lifelong relationships with our clients here in Omaha. Everyone who knows or has worked with Lauren has nothing but praise to offer because of her tireless work efforts and her complete commitment and love for QAT Global. We thank her for her twenty years of service and look to all the years to come.