Julie Parsons 20 years of excellent service at QAT Global

Julie is our Delivery Manager here at QAT Global but has served in a variety of vital roles over her 20 years of Service. She grew up in Council Bluffs Iowa but has spent most of her life across the border in Omaha Nebraska. Julie’s start with QAT Global is unlike anyone else’s story. She went to college at Iowa Western where she met Ken Bass and Rollie Stephens, the future founders of QAT Global. After graduating, Julie and Ken both started working at Lozier. Julie and Ken then took positions at OPPD where Rollie later came to work, until Ken and Rollie left to start the works of what would become QAT Global. Julie eventually left OPPD and joined the QAT Global team in February of 1997.

Julies story emanates the idea never to underestimate who you meet in college. “I was always confident in my choice to start at QAT Global because from the beginning I knew I could trust the leadership and valued how they treated people.” Not only did she know the founders, at the time Julie was dating QAT Global’s first employee, Randy. Little did she know that 1997 would be the year she would start a new career path and get married. Julie and Randy work in harmony like no other couple. She says she loves that she gets to drive to work and eat lunch with her best friend every day, but otherwise, their jobs don’t cross paths during the day as they work on separate projects.

Almost no employee at QAT Global has stayed in the same position throughout their time with the company, as the company grows so do our employees within. Julie started as a developer here, but quickly found her passion for leading and motivating teams. She moved into the Project Manager role, which lead into her current position as Delivery Manager. Day to day Julie makes sure that the projects she’s in charge of are on track and stay on target with our client’s goals and deadlines, she is also the liaison and main contact for those clients. Some may think that after 20 years of working in the same office you fall into a boring routine and get comfortable. Julie could not disagree with that more, “I always want something new, if you don’t like change, then QAT is not for you.”

When Julie was asked if she has grown and progressed at QAT Global over the years, her face lit up, and her passion was obvious. “QAT is like nowhere else; you work with such a variety of different clients, industries, and contracts that it teaches you to expand your mindset and horizons. Over the years I have been able to see technology grow and change and have watched companies utilize it in different ways, QAT has pushed me to succeed with those changes.” Julie could talk about how much has changed in technology and this industry for hours. She explained that she lives for the challenges that QAT Global brings her and loves coming to work ready to learn and tackle something new. Challenges and learning curves are expected in the technology industry, but something that is not expected and quite rare is the teamwork that we have here at QAT Global. When Julie described the challenges she faces at work, she immediately brought up the amazing people she works with. She commented, “There is this support system that is ingrained in everyone here, we all know that if we hit a bump in the road, we can turn to each other, it is just instilled here that one person’s success is your success too.”

Something unique about Julie’s job is that she is also working very closely with our Brazil and Costa Rica offshore locations in her role as Delivery Manager. So not only has she grown to have a work family in Omaha but a family overseas as well. Julie barely describes our offshore office as far away. She said she feels so connected with them and is in such constant communication, that it feels like they are on the other end of the hallway, instead of partway around the world.

One of the main reasons why Julie has stayed for 20 years and could never see herself being anywhere else is because of the culture and work-life balance she gets from QAT Global. Julie described it as a place of open communication and trust. She knows that if she is faced with a challenge, she can go to the leaders here to work out a solution, she has never felt like she was left on her own. “There is a perfect balance of hard work and reward. There are going to be weeks where I have to work longer and harder than normal, but I am also able to travel and never miss one of my children’s events.” Julie is so passionate and connected to this company she couldn’t help but continue to repeat that she could never retire from anywhere else.

When Julie is not in the office, you can most likely find her on a cruise through the Caribbean. Julie, Randy, and their two kids have fallen in love with the warm weather and beaches and make a point to go cruising every year. Her office is filled with pictures and seashells from their exotic getaways. If she had to narrow it down, the two places that have meant the most to her were Bermuda and Monterey Bay. Her and Randy are already planning their next trip for a cruise around Europe!

Over the past 20 years, Julie has truly been an invaluable member of our QAT Global team. From her motivating leadership skills, attention to detail, and commitment to this company we would be at a loss without her. Julie always says “I want to do my best for QAT because they do their best for me.” She certainly goes above and beyond every day and it does not go unnoticed. We thank her for her over twenty years of service and look forward to all the years to come.