Custom Java Software Development

Our Java Development Team

QAT Global has been doing enterprise Java software development since 2001. Nearly two decades of experience in Java development has provided us with extensive technological and business domain expertise. We put this expertise to use every day developing innovative big dataIoTcloud, and other robust, scalable enterprise solutions that offer application portability across diverse computing environments.


Our Java development team helps deliver solutions for a broad range of industries, including e-commerce, logistics, telecommunications, finance, government, healthcare, and software product development quickly by utilizing a collection of tested and reusable frameworks, assets, and code to accelerate development.

Our team of custom software developers can assist you in selecting the optimal platform and language for your business and help you integrate your applications within virtually any platform. The software development team at QAT Global has developed hundreds of successful custom software applications for our clients over the years.

Expertise Areas

QAT Global’s development capacity allows us to develop a full set of vendor-neutral cloud, web, mobile, desktop, and enterprise applications using Java technologies for clients. Our full life-cycle Java services also include enterprise application integration and migration from legacy systems and technologies. We deliver business solutions for enterprise and government clients using industry-proven best practices.


QAT Global’s Java development team is experienced in the technologies and tools necessary to design, develop, and test Java applications that are secure, reliable, and scalable. This experience includes a considerable number of application servers, frameworks, databases, libraries, components, and technologies including containers, security, persistence, reporting and business intelligence, GUI, and interoperability. Our development team carefully analyzes each project’s business requirements to ensures that the best technology and architecture is used for the solution.

Our team offers Java Software Development, Java Application Development, Java Web Development,  Java Mobile Application Development, Java Enterprise Portal Development, J2EE Application Development, J2ME Application Development, Java Migrations, Java Integrations, Java Application Maintenance and Support, and other Java development services.

Java Development Services

QAT Global offers full life-cycle Java development services; we build reliable and scalable applications that meet our client’s requirements and expectations. We offer both project-based and long-term Java development outsourcing to satisfy the needs of various businesses – from small startups, SaaS companies, and SME to large enterprises with their own IT departments and in-house development. The complete suite of QAT Global’s Java development services helps deliver on a client’s most complex and exacting business and technological requirements. QAT Global cares about our client’s investments in custom development projects and offers flexible and adaptive engagement models for transparent service agreements.

Project Analysis and Requirements Management

Development and Customization


Internationalization and Localization

Solution Architecture Design

Migration from Legacy Technologies to Java

Java Application Testing

Support, Enhancement, & Maintenance

Custom Enterprise and SaaS Java Application Development

Enterprise Solutions

QAT Global’s team of Java architects and developers have extensive experience in developing complex, business critical enterprise solutions, web solutions, portals, and more. These solutions are designed to improve productivity and streamline interaction between staff and customers for a wide variety of industries including utility, finance, transportation, government, and banking.

  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Business processes and productivity
  • Enterprise content management
  • Customer interaction, collaboration, and relationship management
  • Corporate and customer portals
  • Middleware

Web Applications

QAT Global develops compelling, user-friendly, Java-based web applications for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) solutions including composite multi-tier applications seamlessly integrated into any size of business environment.

SaaS and Software Products

We work with clients to develop and enable robust, scalable, applications that are delivered as SaaS solutions or software products including self-service applications, applications for smart and connected system control, product life-cycle management systems, and more.

Our team ensures that your product has a sustainable competitive advantage and captures users with sleek web and mobile experiences.

Desktop Applications

QAT Global builds cost-effective desktop applications using Java development best practices. Our client-focused approach to software design allow us to build highly scalable, fast, and secure Java applications that are changing how organizations are delivering solutions to their internal and external customers. The software development team can deliver solutions that bring together the best mix of user-friendly user interface design, rich functionality, high performance, and portability.

Java in the Cloud

Cloud-only Java Application Development

Our expert Java developers can build Java applications based on serverless architecture for cloud-only hosting. These applications allow you to get specific benefits from a cloud vendor’s services, such as pay-as-you-go. Also, they don’t require any container/hardware provisioning and management.

Cloud-native Java Application Development

Expert Java developers deliver containerized applications based on microservices architecture and open-source systems. These apps are cloud-agnostic and run on any public cloud supported by Kubernetes or on private hardware.

Cloud providers we work with:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud

  • Google Cloud Platform

Complementary Java Services

We provide a range of professional services in Java technology consulting, Java app design, Java testing, application management, migration of legacy apps to Java, and upgrading Java applications to modern versions.

Migrate Existing Software to Java

Improve your operations & fuel growth by migrating your legacy systems, architectures, & processes to Java.

Introduce Java APIs

Our Java architects produce clean, secure, and well-documented Java APIs to expose the needed data and operations to external systems and subsystems.

Ensure the Health of Your Java Applications

Our team ensures high performance of your Java applications through prompt and long-term issue resolution, minor application changes, substantial application changes, upgrades, and modifications.

Integrate Java Applications with Other Systems

Integrate Java applications with custom applications, including legacy software, commercial off-the-shelf software, SaaS solutions, and third-party services through API connections, web service architecture, enterprise service bus, or a shared database.

Move Forward with Java Technology Consulting

Our Java consultants will help you decide on the perfect Java technology that fits your software needs, provide guidance on Java tools and extensions, and assist in finding the optimal application architecture and design to use Java platform capabilities in the most efficient way for your needs.

Java Application Development Approach

Our Java developers follow the Agility RPM Agile software development methodology for the effective execution of Java application development project roadmaps. Our Java development roadmaps are geared towards secure, flexible, and portable Java application development.

Our Java software development team endeavors to bring more to client projects than just programming; we work to be your true partner for Java development projects. Our team members are passionate about technology and solving your business challenges. We approach each project with integrity, a focus on quality work, and a commitment to your success. Our Java software development approach is a world-class experience for clients in the following ways:

  • A Java development team that focuses on a secure and scalable application architecture
  • Experienced professionals that use the latest cutting-edge technology for Java application development
  • Our analytical approach looks at the big picture of your business objectives for Java software development
  • Our development process and distributed development model enable us to address your most pressing technology needs

QAT Global offers a comprehensive set of enterprise-class software development services based on Java development technologies to maximize our clients’ business performance through an effective IT investment in Java software development.

More about the Java Platform

As the leading open source programming language, Java is widely used to develop custom applications for desktop, Web and mobile platforms.

Advantages of Java Development:

  • Flexibility – Choose from any hardware, operating system, and middleware
  • High Active User Base – Leverage existing APIs and open source libraries
  • Scalability – Ability to increasingly scale applications from small to enterprise level
  • Open Source – No special licensing cost to develop in Java programming language for developing or running
  • Resourcing – Resources are readily available as it is the most widely used programming language today

Did you know?

  • Java runs on everything from IoT devices to laptops to datacenters to supercomputers, making for superior portability.
  • Android development is fueling the popularity of Java.
  • There are a large number of open source libraries and development tools for Java.
  • Java is constantly evolving thanks to a large user community fueling innovation and standards.