IT Staffing Process
The success of IT outsourcing depends on selecting the right solution provider.
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The IT Staffing Process

IT Recruitment

As an organization, one of the biggest investments any of us will ever make is in recruitment. Recruitment is a challenging job in IT.

The success of IT outsourcing depends on selecting the right solution provider. QAT Global is the answer! QAT Global has been providing the Right Resource, at the Right Place, at the Right Time since 1995 and has the proven track record you are looking for.

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QAT Global IT Staffing Process

Our IT staffing process for recruitment generally involves the following steps.

  • Identify vacancy
  • Prepare job description and person specification
  • Recruiting
  • Managing the response
  • Screening
  • Arrange interviews
  • Conduct the interview
  • Decision making
  • Convey the decision
  • Appointment action
  • Performance Monitoring

Why partner with a staffing services firm?

Because IT systems automate and streamline processes and operations so that less people, less time, and less effort are required. But that’s after they are in place. Before that, when you are designing and installing the systems, or migrating from one technology to another, it requires a tremendous amount of time and expertise. As a result, your company’s IT staffing requirements will surge during special projects, deployments, and so forth.

You have three options to deal with fluctuating staffing needs:

  1. You can either pay to staff a large IT department that can meet surging demands and let highly paid experts sit idle during the downtime.
  2. You can keep a smaller staff and pay the difference in overtime and longer, even more stressful, deployments, and project timelines.
  3. You can use QAT Global and experience world-class technology expertise for your IT projects and deployments.

How do I work with QAT Global IT Staffing?

  • Call us today at 402-391-9200, e-mail us, or submit the “Fill a Position” form.
  • One of our recruiters will listen to your needs and ask you about specific job requirements in order to find the best resource for your short-term or permanent requirement.

What type of information will I need to give the Recruiter?

  • The recruiter will need a specific description of the position responsibilities and the skills you require, as well as an estimate of the contract duration. This ensures that we can select a candidate with the necessary skills who will be available for the duration of the project.
  • Be sure to inform the recruiter of any requirements that are unique to your business, including policies regarding dress code, hours, lunch and overtime.

QAT GLOBAL Brings Diverse Client IT Staffing Experience

US State Government

A state government utilized the staffing services of QAT Global as a prime contractor for approximately three years. Onsite QAT Global resources expended 36 months staff per year at rates competitive with other upper mid-west state and local governments.

Onsite resources are performing duties equivalent to the following positions:

  • Applications Developer/Senior
  • Infrastructure Support Analyst/Lead

The similarities and experiences learned while assisting in the building and maintenance of State Human Services Systems and the Department of Transportation enhanced the business knowledge all the staff of QAT Global may provide alternate clients.

QAT Global staff has been a part of several State government within the Human Services and Department of Transportation arenas. This accumulation of business knowledge combined with our first-hand experience is a valuable consideration.

QAT Global’s Client Action Team administrated the contract and responded to Requests for Resources. They expended approximately four staff months per year servicing this client’s contract. The QAT Global team consisted of our Vice-President of Operations, Sales Representative, Human Resources and Benefits Manager and Accounts Receivable Manager.

Large Railroad Corporation

QAT Global provided a large railroad corporation specific skills that are salient, requested and important to the proposed effort. This commercial client utilized the staffing services of QAT Global since 1995. Onsite QAT Global resources have expended anywhere from 150 to 170 staff months per year during the engagement. The following job classifications and descriptions, utilized for this and other accounts, are important tools in the recruitment and evaluation of potential candidates and were accepted for use as a working template:

  • Advantage:Gen aka COOL:Gen and CA Gen
  • Java/J2EE
  • C++
  • Subject Matter Experts

Our onsite staff performed the full life-cycle of System’s Development through Implementation and Maintenance of many applications for the client. The vast majority of QAT Global staff were kept indefinitely under terms of 12 month contracts.

Onsite resources performed duties in the following positions:

  • Application Developer Staff Specialist
  • Application Developer/Senior
  • Business Systems Analyst/Lead
  • Business Systems Analyst
  • Technology Manager I

QAT Global’s Client Action Team administrated the contract and responded to Requests for Resources.

Complete this form for a no-obligation consultation with one of our recruiters. We will contact you to discuss our candidates and determine which QAT Global solutions are right for you.

The information you provide on the fill a position form is sent to a QAT Global Recruiter who will review it and contact you during the same business day. QAT Global respects your privacy and will never sell or share your confidential information with any other parties.

You can also contact a recruiter directly by phone at 402-391-9200.

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