IADB Client Success With QAT Consultant

Celebrating Client Success

A client partner to QAT Global since 2007, The Inter-American Development Bank is the principal source of financing for economic, social and institutional development projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Bank provides loans and technical assistance using capital provided by its member countries. QAT and its subsidiary, QAT Brazil, have long been proud of our partnership with The Bank, and its mission to help transform and promote Latin America and the Caribbean. The Bank is owned by its 46 member countries with headquarters in Washington, D.C.

As the Principal Consultant supporting IADB, QAT’s Steve Dunn acts as the Interface Lead for the Loan Financial Management project. Steve was recently recognized by IADB for his key role in the identification and design of the many integration touch points of LMS with other IADB systems. LMS is a mission-critical application that contains various types of Loans and Grants provided by the Bank. It supports all applicable phases of the Loan and Grant lifecycle including Approvals, Disbursements, Billings, Collections and Accounting in one fully integrated system.

As was expressed by the IADB management team about Steve, his perseverance and professionalism have allowed him to clarify complex issues and provide insight and alternatives that will help IADB achieve its vision for LMS moving forward. Great job Steve! Your extra mile efforts as QAT’s Principal Consultant for our partner IADB is appreciated!

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