How We Work

Our Philosophy

At QAT Global, we are a strong team of innovative and committed people passionate about solving your business challenges. We approach each project with integrity, a focus on quality work, and a commitment to client success. As such, this is a description of how we work rather than a prescription for how we must work.

Our overall philosophy can be summed up by:

Manage the Risk.

As you likely know, there are two significant risks in software development;

  • Not getting it done on time.
  • Building the wrong thing.

Many organizations take the approach of postponing doing anything until everyone agrees on what’s desired. The problem with this approach is that it tends to guarantee the first risk: not delivering anything.

At QAT Global, we take an Agile approach that can be summed up with three simple rules:

  • We are determined to deliver new business value every single day of the project.

  • We ask our customers to give us feedback continuously so we can make adjustments along the way.

  • We want to improve continuously, so we ask everyone to do things just a little bit better every day.

We stand by:

  1. Avoiding “technology for the sake of technology”: We believe that technology is a tool and not an end in itself. Our aim is to meet your business requirements with the help of technology; instead of building technology for the sake of technology.
  2. Transparent processes: We are not shy about what we do. We collaborate with our clients openly by giving them direct access to our team and project management tools for full visibility into their project.
  3. Proven technologies: We are technology agnostic. Our clients’ business objective is what drives the technology selection process and not the other way around. We pride ourselves on having a broad range of technical expertise in software application development and being able to help our clients identify the technology that is best suited for their needs. We greatly value our partnership with Microsoft and other affiliates, including the open-source community; however, our commitment is first and foremost with our clients’ business interests.
  4. Not re-engineering the wheel: We don’t think every project needs to be coded from the ground up, and we recommend integrating third-party tools when appropriate. Once we clearly understand our clients’ needs and constraints, we will explore the different options to make sound business decisions.
  5. Hiring the best talent: Our team is made up of highly accomplished and passionate professionals. Our consultants, systems engineers, and other professionals actively contribute to their respected fields through innovation, knowledge sharing, and community leadership roles.
  6. Staying agile: We have an agile development approach that focuses on iterative releases and phased-out deployment; this keeps the cost down and ensures that the end product is consistent with your vision.
  7. Budget consciousness: We are serious about sincerity in our cost assessments, transparency in our reporting, and being highly disciplined with the finances
  8. Fostering innovation: We believe anyone can have the next great idea, so we make sure that everyone has a voice and that it’s heard at equal volume.

We take great pride in building lasting relationships with our clients by applying our core values to each and every project.

Actions speak louder than words

Check out some of our case studies to see first-hand how we help our clients create successful software applications.

We strive to create an environment that fosters collaboration based on mutual respect among our clients and colleagues. We understand that clients enter the process with anxiety about the challenges that lie ahead. Our process guides them through their project, easing their concerns and creating an enjoyable experience.