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QAT Global’s History


Incorporated in 1995, QAT Global is a recognized leader in custom software development, product engineering, rich internet applications, and strategic consulting with exceptional strength in the areas of agile distributed development, user experience, and innovation.

QAT Global is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska with a fully owned and operated offshore development center in Uberaba, Brazil. QAT’s leadership includes President and Co-founder, Ken Bass and Rollie Stephens, Vice President, and Co-Founder. The QAT Global executive leadership team has an average of over 25 years of experience in enterprise architecture, software development, and application integration.

QAT Global got its start in developing enterprise level solutions using model-based development tools that enabled our products and services to span multiple platforms and databases. Our early success with large enterprise customers across multiple platforms and databases instilled a development culture with a focus on tools, repeatable development processes, application scalability and component reuse; a culture that is still very much part of this company.

Although the technology has changed over the years, with our core practices around Java, .NET and model-based development, these core strengths in enterprise level architecture, development and business process automation continue to be fully leveraged across our solution stack.

The Five Keys to QAT Global’s Growth and Success

  1. Insight – Our management team and leadership are top talent and highly motivated. We understand that our success is ultimately based on the people we hire, processes we develop, and the culture we build around us.
  2. Flexible Options for our Clients – Providing flexible options is critical to meeting customer requirements. This is the primary motivation behind the development and expansion of QAT Global’s offshore development center in Brazil. QAT Global started development in Brazil in 1998 focusing on specialized graphical application development. Today, this development center is home to multiple development teams that deliver solutions to our clients with exceptional quality and ROI.
  3. Processes – We provide a reliable, repeatable development methodology named Agility RPM, which is founded on agile development and has a proven track record of success across both medium and large enterprises.
  4. Content – We also provide development toolkits as needed using our development frameworks for Java (jDaptive), .NET (nDaptive) and front-end UI (WebDaptive). These frameworks establish high-quality standards as well as numerous powerful helper objects and techniques to raise the quality of development and shrink the time to market.
  5. Strong Team – QAT Global enjoys both a high level of staff retention and significant annual growth. In addition to competitive wages and benefits, QAT Global retains top talent by encouraging personal skills development, investing in staff training, and providing diverse and challenging projects to work on.
    Regarding US-based staff:

    • 25% of the staff has been with QAT Global more than ten years
    • 22% of the staff has been with QAT Global 5-9 years
    • 20% of the staff has been with QAT Global 1-4 years
    • 33% of the staff have joined QAT Global in the last year

QA Technologies, Inc. (DBA QAT Global) is a privately held, debt free S-Corporation.

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