Paul Barney, Vice President of Operations

Paul Barney
Paul BarneyVice President of Operations
Areas of Expertise: Technical aptitude, Project/team management, communication analysis, design, and estimating.

Personal Interests: I love the outdoors. I spent my summers in college as a park ranger and I still make regular trips to Yellowstone National Park. I’ve been in every part of the park and it’s a breathtaking experience each time. I also enjoy woodworking, which I have been doing for 10 years and have improved my skills greatly. My favorite things to make are decorations for the house.

As a senior delivery manager, Communication is one of the most important parts of any project, especially when it comes to completely understanding what the client wants. The requirements also need to be communicated clearly to the team to make sure that the solution matches the requirements. The most important thing that I contribute is having clear communication between the client and the project team. This includes both managing expectations of the project, understanding the requirements, making sure the solution satisfies the client’s needs, and finally making things more clear by taking the technical jargon out.

I have been a delivery manager for 26 years, and while that technology is vastly different from when I started, some things have stayed the same. I still have to ensure that the client is up to date with the project and make sure that the requirements are being met and that they’re expectations are reasonable. I also make sure that the project team is as up to date as possible with the needs of the client and I make sure things stay on track and on time. this is the best industry to work in because it never gets old. Things change and evolve daily and there’s always something new to be learned or a new method to try. Every day is exciting because it’s different than the last.