Kenn Thompson
Kenn ThompsonSolutions Architect
Areas of Expertise: .NET, System Design, Security, Database Design, Soft Skills

Personal Interests: I am a member of the Free Masons, Scrum Alliance, and Emergency Medical Technicians. I enjoy spending the weekends with my family and doing any work that’s needed around the house.

I am a Solutions Architect at QAT Global, and I spend the majority of my time designing platforms and solutions for customers, guiding and mentoring junior developers, and ensuring that all project requirements are met. Coming from a background in Microsoft based programs, I am able to bring a different perspective to projects, which allows the team to explore more options. One of the most important aspects of my job is problem solving. Inevitably, on every project there is a roadblock or problem that comes up at some point. I pride myself on my ability to come up with a quick solution to keep the project on track.

The client-side part of solutions architecture is one of the most important parts. Understanding a customers day to day business is a top priority for building the correct solution for them. Being able to walk a mile in the customer’s shoes makes it much easier to understand exactly what the client needs, which can sometimes be hard to explain. This is my favorite part of the job. I enjoy the challenge of a new project or a complex problem and designing elegant solutions for them. Producing a solution that is easy to scale, maintain, and performs well while looking simple means that I’ve accomplished my goals. In the 25 years that I have been in the industry, the technology has changed so much, and there is no end to new problems, new ways to solve them, and using these new ways to solve old problems. I enjoy this the most, every day is a new learning experience and a chance to grow.