Ken Bass, President

Ken Bass
Ken BassPresident
Areas of Expertise: IT Management, Operations Management, IT Consulting Management, IT Application Architecture

Personal Interests: Golf, ATV, Video Editing, Coin Collecting, Music

As President of QAT Global, Ken has led the company from its infancy in 1995. Ken is respected by both employees and clients alike. He believes in a very “hands-on” approach to the running of the company and makes a point of knowing as intimately as possible the key contact personnel for most QAT Global clients. Ken combines strong technical expertise with operational skills in guiding the Delivery Vehicles of the company. Ken has been involved with successful solution deliveries for the State of Nevada and was instrumental in leading the charge for our newest state government client, California.

Q&A with Ken Bass…

What makes QAT Global exceptional?

QAT Global and the management at QAT Global takes pride in servicing our clients just as if we were performing the task for ourselves.  This creates an atmosphere within QAT Global that is customer focused and guarantees positive results for our clients.  When the task at hand requires extra attention, QAT Global will do what ever it takes to keep the client satisfied.  This makes QAT Global standout above other IT consulting/solution providers.

What do you like about Information Technology?

Information Technology, although a unique skill in its own, it all about improving performance and qualify of the business solution.  It is very rewarding to watch an IT project result in cost savings and process improvement.  Working in the IT field, you often get to learn several different industries in business.

What do you like about programming?

Programming in IT is the ultimate job satisfaction.  You develop or are provided a problem to solve in the form of a design or program specification.  You apply your IT skills toward the problem.  As you complete the project, you can see the results of a job well done.  Most careers or jobs do not provide the immediate positive feedback of a successful job that is well done.

What was the biggest challenge of your career?

My biggest challenge in my IT career was writing new replacement systems in 1999 for the Y2K crunch.  The client made the decision to create new systems instead of updating their old legacy systems.  This immediately created a hard line due date of October 1999.  The systems had to be designed, developed and tested in the most aggressive project I have ever experienced.

What is your thought on mentoring the next generation?

While colleges are teaching general IT programming skills and leadership skills, young programmers are lacking the advanced architecture skills required to design applications and create the frameworks for applications.  QAT Global understands this need and mentors these skills to our younger programmers.

What kinds of opportunities are there at QAT?

QAT Global invests in package software solutions, custom architecture services, client projects and client IT staffing.  Within these four areas of IT services, many solutions are developed that can be shared among all the staff within QAT.  This provides a very unique learning opportunity for our programmers.  We also allow our staff to move across these four areas of offerings if they desire.

How do you go about solving customer problems?

When it comes right down to it, QAT Global is only successful if we can solve our customer’s problems.  Although we are an IT service firm, we often can provide business process reengineering services for our clients.  We have expertise in meshing our IT solutions with process improvement for our clients.