Karie Barrett, Creative Development Director

Karie Barrett
Karie BarrettCreative Development Director
Areas of Expertise:

  • Marketing: Brand development, website traffic growth, website UI and design, campaigns, collateral, website development, SEO optimization, graphic design, print and online advertising, informational and e-commerce sites, email marketing, social networking, reputation management, training
  • Graphic Design: Adobe Web Premium (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Illustrator, Imageready, Photoshop, Pagemaker, PhotoDeluxe, Acrobat), CorelDraw, Corel-Photopaint, CorelCapture
  • Web Design: HTML, CSS, WordPress, PDG Commerce, NopCommerce, UI design, customizing/editing JavaScript/ASP/PHP
  • Business Software: Microsoft Office (Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word), OpenOffice, QuickBooks

Personal Interests: Photography, Jet-Skiing, Music, Landscaping, Furniture Design, Cooking, Spending time with my family

Karie has over 25 years of diverse marketing, design, and business experience and joined QAT Global in 2004. As the Creative Development Director, Karie is a high-energy leader and creative thinker who thrives on the success of driving creative strategy and execution to develop and produce quality creative solutions for established companies and launching startups. She has helped online and offline brands and teams in all aspects of their growth, from new brand launches to digital marketing and business development. Karie is a passionate brand strategist, marketing leader, and designer who believes it is extremely important for the technology and creative sides of a business to connect in order to produce solutions that are the best they can be. She brings both her technical knowledge and creative perspective to her work to help companies connect with users. Clients and staff alike recognize her as a “take charge” person with exceptional ability to accomplish goals.

Q&A with Karie Barrett…

What makes QAT Global exceptional?

QAT Global is a really unique place to work. From the staff to the culture, it’s almost too perfect to be true in my opinion. Every day, a group of brilliant people work together to solve customer problems while sharing their expertise with the group and being constantly challenged to grow. There’s no standing still, everyone is always moving forward. QAT Global is one of the few companies that still believes in investing in its people’s skills and rewarding them for excellence. At the same time, management knows the importance of family and time away from work and strives to ensure that a healthy work/family balance is maintained for all.

Plus, when you walk through our doors, you’ll find that integrity is alive and well. People are honest, take responsibility for their work, and give credit where credit is due from the top of the chain of command all the way to the bottom.

These qualities are both refreshing and key factors in what sets QAT Global apart from the competition. They are also key factors in why people are inclined to stay a long time.