Jorge Tannure Penedo, Senior Analyst Consultor

Jorge Tannure Penedo
Jorge Tannure PenedoSenior Analyst Consultor
Role: Software Application Specialist, Software Development Engineer

Areas of Expertise: IT Engineer, CA Gen User/Consultant, Application Life Cycle Management Architect including Business Modeling, Application Development Lifecycle, and Change and Configuration management areas, Graphical User Design, Quality Assurance/Application Test, Training, Graphic Design, Pre-Sales Consultant

Personal Interests: Philosophy, Art, Music, Spirituality, Theology, Sports (especially soccer), Computer Design, Internet-related business, Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy, Psychology, Family related activities, Parenting

Q&A with Jorge Tannure Penedo…

My Career Epiphany

In life, things have their own timing to happen. Like a seed grows and become a tree over the time, this also happens with our dreams. I was hired in an unusual way for QAT. It was 2004, and remote work was in the early stages. I was hired to work remotely in Brazil, contributing to QAT Global’s New Product Development. It was a challenge at first, but based on mutual commitment and healthy relationship, we would go on to build a few products with high-value for our customers in a couple of years.

Then a dream came: Establish Brazil as an offshore operation alternative to India. After overcoming a number of challenges to make this happen, we finally saw this dream come true. QAT Global’s Brazil operations is a reality; becoming each day a stronger and higher-quality operation. And hopefully, it will continue to grow.

As a good seed, it is becoming a strong and leafy tree.