Alex Barros, Director of Brazil Operations

Alex Barros
Alex BarrosDirector of Brazil Operations
Areas of Expertise: Agile methods, CA Gen, data modeling, systems analysis and design, business requirements, application development.

Personal Interests: Alex has an extensive music collection that he frequently adds to as well as a book collection. He spends time in bookstores and music stores looking for his next addition. In spirit of wanting to be a professional tennis player when he was younger, Alex is a proficient ping-pong player (although the two sports present different challenges).

Alex Barros is Director of Brazil Operations for QAT Global. Barros plays multiple roles, both on the technical and client side, and is responsible for overseeing all IT projects developed by the Brazil Office, and also serves as the main contact between clients and the offshore practice in terms of quality assurance and milestones. He works closely with QAT Global’s CTO to guarantee that all technical aspects of the different projects are correctly handled and in accordance to patterns and standards defined by the headquarters office. He is also in charge of human resources, including hiring, career development and training. Barros works hard for the client, doing his best to understand every aspect of their business, understanding any problems, client needs, and envisioning solutions.

Barros’ international career spans more than 20 years working in the United States and Brazil and includes deep software development and technology experience. He first came to QAT Global in 1999 from Brazil and has developed a proficiency in analytics, IT management, and communication. Since that time, he has worked in various aspects of operations including client development services and company product line development and was most recently Director of New Technology Development and Brazil Liaison Manager. Barros’ passion lies in learning new things every day. He likes that the industry is constantly changing and evolving, an industry where new ideas replace others frequently.

Barros earned his Master in Business from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and his B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering from UFRJ-Brazil.

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Information technology is an ever-changing field that constantly provides challenges and rewards. At the same time, as one progresses in his/her career, it is interesting to notice the common concepts that apply both to legacy and emergent technologies. Keeping those concepts sharp and clear and making sure that you understand what is coming next is an everyday exercise, and probably one of the most exciting things about our field.

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