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Enterprise Software & Applications


Supporting business strategies and processes with software is one of the key challenges in today’s environment.

Companies are increasingly looking for enterprise software and applications solutions that have measurable business benefits, increase efficiency and provide their employees, suppliers, and clients better user experiences. Historically, companies that have invested in high-value technology products benefit significantly in the long-run.

Additionally, not only do companies need to select and invest in the appropriate suite of enterprise solutions, but they also need to identify the best ways to integrate them. Mapping complex and often critical business processes to software systems is not a trivial task, and managing the multitude of dependencies and integration with other systems is truly a challenge. Systems must be prepared for change, especially in today’s world.

QAT Global’s Enterprise Software & Applications development service allows enterprises to focus on their core strength of managing and growing their business. As a strategic partner, we bring comprehensive expertise in the complete software life cycle from requirements to specifications to design to development to testing to deployment to sustenance. Our model is based on providing solutions that help remove our customer’s business challenges.

QAT Global’s Enterprise Software & Applications team offers:

  • Software planning, design and engineering expertise

  • Advanced technologies and proven methodologies for developing applications

  • On-going support and maintenance offerings

Our specialties include:

  • Enterprise Applications: software products or custom applications

  • Enterprise Migration: software migration or porting

  • Enterprise 2.0 Solutions

  • Business Mobility

  • Industrial Systems: industrial software applications

  • PC Software

Enterprise Software and Applications
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