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Engagement Models


Finding the Perfect Engagement Model for You

Every project starts with a menu of options when it comes to engagement models. How to engage and where staff are to be located are top considerations.

What Type of Engagement is Right for You?

Every project is a little unique and requires just the right mix of resources, oversight, and communication for success. At QAT Global, we offer three types of engagement models to deliver the best solution for your project.

IT Staffing

Looking to simply add one or more resources to your onsite team? Our IT Staffing engagement model is perfect for quickly adding one or more resources to an existing onsite team.

Software Development Team

Quickly extend your own development team to help bring new, quality software products to market quickly and cost-effectively with our Software Development Team engagement model.

Software Development Lab

Extends or create software development capacity support for a single product or entire product line and drives innovation with our Software Development Lab engagement model.

Building Your Dream Team of Technical Resources

Resources can be located in any of these four places, depending on requirements and budget.

Client Location

US Development Center

Brazil Development Center

Remote Staff

In developing a unique solution for your company, we consider cost, complexity, infrastructure, resource requirements, testing, and maintenance and then suggest the most-optimal team. Selecting the best engagement model often depends on the availablity of resources with the right skills and experience. Distributed development, also known as cross sourcing, enables us to build project teams with individuals who bring the best skills and experience for the project, rather than being limited to individuals who are available in a certain location. It also enables us to optimize your budget by selecting resources who offer the best value for their rate.

When a project requires the team to have a single location, we offer the options of using our offshore development center in Brazil or US rural sourcing development center in Omaha, NE in addition to onsite.

Best Practices for Distributed Development and Cross Sourcing

Selecting an IT consulting company is about transparency, repeatability, communication, and governance. At QAT Global, we have instituted living best practices for our distributed development engagement models that deliver on each of these critical factors helping clients reduce time to market, delivering quality software and improving the communications between business and IT stakeholders.

Our unique, repeatable development methodology, Agility RPM℠, combined with a Distributed Development Engagement Model enables us to develop solutions for virtually any kind of business. QAT Global transformed traditional Agile development and Scrum project management processes designed for single location teams into Agility RPM℠, a repeatable process methodology for distributed development teams. The Agile and Scrum aspects of Agility RPM provide these distributed development teams with strong communications flow, collaboration, and stakeholder alignment basis required for optimal results. Agility RPM enables our distributed development teams to start producing quality results immediately since we work from standards which provide a common technology language that allows everyone to communicate effectively. It also makes it possible to bring additional new project staff up to speed very quickly if needed.

/>Flexibility and AgilityDistributed Engagement Models By design, the Agile development method treats change as a normal part of the development cycle and produces rapid results with short, closed-ended project duration. With Agile, we can improve the overall value of the project – without causing slips in planned completion dates.

Quality Results Fast
At QAT Global, we use distributed development teams with Agility RPM℠ to cut the time it typically takes a traditional outsourcing or offshore team to get up to speed from months to 2 weeks enabling them to produce real results in a few months rather than a year or more.

US-based Architect or Project Manager
Our projects are all guided by a US-based Architect or Project Manager so that our clients always have an English speaking primary contact to manage their project specifications, feedback, and any offshore team members. In addition, our project leads in Brazil all speak English. Brazil’s culture is also quite similar to that of the US, unlike that of India or China.

Better Blended Rate
By using a combination of resources from across the country and Brazil, trained in Agility RPM℠, you get the benefit of offshore rate discounts with the level of quality and time to delivery you’d expect from a solely onshore team.

In all cases, we create and promise these benefits:

  • Ownership and Responsibility
  • Cost Savings
  • Guaranteed Service Levels
  • Business Value

Our best practices methodology and proven project management techniques assure our clients that the outsourced operations are properly managed, so they may focus on more strategic efforts. As a result, our clients realize tangible and intangible values such as reduced costs, improved employee morale, and decreased people dependency without compromising on quality or function.

The Distributed Development Engagement Model leverages the optimal combination of talented resources for the project, rather than forming a location-based team, to deliver cost-effective, secure development, maintenance, and management of projects for our clients. QAT Global offers clients the option of leveraging talented resources from the US and Brazil, where the average time difference to US CDT is only two hours, enabling a high level of communication between development team members and clients.

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