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Forget Offshore, Think Nearshore

Forget Offshore, Think Nearshore for your software development and testing outsourcing needs Discover a new way companies are choosing to reduce costs and increase the quality of their services. Our ebook "How To Offshore [...]

Social Media: Taming the Dragon

Building a social media strategy and arming your company with the right tools. Does your company have the right strategy and tools it needs to become a successful with social media? Today, it’s particularly important [...]

How to Get Your iPhone App Reviewed

Break past the barriers and get your app reviewed at a top review site. Does your iPhone app have what it takes to get reviewed at a top review site? You may be tempted to [...]

How Big is My Project?

10 Questions to Reveal the Scope of Your Mobile App or Software Project Ever wish you could get inside the mind of a software developer so you could better understand what they are looking at [...]

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