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Ecommerce Strategy


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Be where your customers are – online.

E-commerce websites open your business up to a larger customer pool than traditional brick and mortar stores making having a comprehensive e-commerce strategy imperative. With the fast growth of the Internet and constant state of change in technology and search engine algorithms, it can be challenging to keep up – that’s where QAT Global comes in. QAT Global can help you discover and define your opportunity for success online.

We offer E-commerce marketing services for online merchants and Internet retailers that want to expand their online presence. When developing a marketing strategy for an E-commerce website, we take the time to extensively learn about your business and your products, your current e-commerce website, as well as your competitors. Our next step is to work with your team to determine the right strategies to achieve your goals. This allows us to create an ethical marketing strategy customized to your unique goals and objectives.

Once our analysis is complete, we will recommend a unique marketing strategy based on all of the data we have gathered. This will help you take advantage of technological advances, evaluate business and technical alternatives, analyze and prioritize human and financial resources, develop budget estimates and a supporting business case, and lay out a multi-year roadmap to success.

We can assist you in identifying strategic priorities that will result in the highest financial performance, customer satisfaction and long-term company success. If desired, we can also assist in building the first year implementation plan or road-map detailing the timing and prioritization of e-commerce solutions to meet your specific business goals. The road-map is designed to provide detailed direction for online activities, specifying how resources should be deployed and how your organization should be structured to best support your new e-commerce strategy implementation.

Need to look beyond what’s happening now to create a forward-thinking e-commerce strategy? QAT Global can help you craft a next-generation e-commerce strategy and deployment plan, guided by innovative thinking and based on market and user research.

Building a Business on the Internet

Five Steps to Developing an Effective E-commerce Strategy

  1. Business review and requirements
  2. Target audience analysis and user requirements
  3. Competitive analysis and opportunity planning
  4. SEO keywords research and requirements
  5. Prioritizing objectives and setting expectations

Five Elements Every E-commerce Strategy Should Include

  1. Branding
  2. Conversion
  3. User Experience
  4. Search engine visibility
  5. Agility