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E-commerce Development


Expand Your Market Size with E-commerce

Want to make your products available to customers 24/7? Creating an e-commerce site provides your business with more ways to serve new and existing customers, reduces company transit costs and saves you time. E-commerce development solutions include a website or a web-based system, a shopping cart, payment gateway integration, secure and scalable hosting, and marketing knowledge. QAT Global can create a custom e-commerce solution or work with an open-source system like WooCommerce.

QAT Global’s team of e-commerce development specialists manage all of the technical details for you, making it easy to create and manage an online store. Whether your customers are consumers or businesses, we can design an e-commerce solution that gives you everything you need to expand your market size, sell more products and services, streamline order fulfillment, and drive customer satisfaction.

An online store customized to your needs

QAT Global has extensive experience working with technology like PHP, .NET, and open source solutions to develop e-commerce websites specifically designed for your business. We create e-commerce solutions capable of accepting credit cards and checks, secure transaction processing, calculating shipping rates, and sending e-mail purchase confirmations. Our team of e-commerce specialists can also develop and design custom templates, create custom shopping carts and integrate your e-commerce store into existing software and systems. Whether your website is business-to-business (B2B), business-to-customer (B2C), customer-to-business (C2B) or customer-to-customer (C2C), we will help you create and manage an online store that achieves your goals including:

  • Custom Web Development: When no out-of-the-box solutions will work, or you want to offer customer a unique online experience, we can develop a custom solution for you.

  • Custom Content Management Systems: There are many sophisticated CMS products out there today, but your site requirements are unique. We can customize and open source CMS system to meet your specific business requirements.

  • Back-End Custom Solutions: If you have an unusually complex product structure, dominant customer base in a given country, unique fulfillment needs, or unusual hosting or server requirements, we can help determine and implement the right solutions for you.

  • 3rd Party Application Integration: Countless vendors offer specialty tools and services to monitor sales and site performance, optimize the customer experience, integrate marketing, improve your catalog, and integrate your e-commerce transactions with business process applications. We can help you find the right solutions to deliver on your requirements and customize the implementation to integrate seamlessly with your site; learn more on the Application Integration page.

E-commerce Services

Ecommerce Development Quick Sheet

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Whether you are building a new business online or trying to optimize and improve your existing e-commerce site, we will look for the most cost-conscious, reliable solution options for you. If there is an existing open source solution that is your best option, we will customize it to your business requirements whenever possible. If there is no readily available solution that will meet most of your needs, we can provide you with proposals for adding individual components to improve the value and performance of your existing site or delivering a custom solution that is designed and developed from the ground up specifically for you. Our team brings the user interface design, .NET & PHP programming, online marketing, and social media experience you need for a successful e-commerce project:

Sell online to business customers (B2B)Expand your possibilities with e-commerce software from QAT Global
Use an e-commerce site to develop and optimize your online transactions with business customers. Implement all B2B processes and create a professional customer and service portal.

Sell direct to end customers (B2C)Expand your possibilities with e-commerce software from QAT Global
Use an e-commerce site to easily and directly sell to your retail customers. Get the tools you need for professional catalog and order management and support for key B2C processes.

Use partners to market your productsExpand your possibilities with e-commerce software from QAT Global
Use an e-commerce site to sell products and services indirectly via partners, to manage sales via distribution partners, national affiliates, and subsidiaries, and to enable your partners to sell to their partners and retail or business customers.

Integrate suppliersExpand your possibilities with e-commerce software from QAT Global
Use an e-commerce site to create flexible and efficient supplier networks. Integrate your suppliers into your e-commerce environment. Your suppliers can align their products with your online offerings and provide all the information you need for your business.
If you have an e-commerce idea or need that we haven’t covered, contact us and let us know what you’re trying to achieve. We’re always looking for the next cutting edge project!

Break free of location and business hours constraints with QAT Global. We can help you take your business to the web 24/7 with your own online store.

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Why e-commerce development from QAT Global?

Having grown our business understanding and technology skills through a decade in web development, QAT Global has become a well-qualified solution provider able to execute the most challenging e-commerce projects.

  • With our client’s business longevity in mind, QAT Global focuses on developing strategies that improve ROI.
  • QAT Global offers RIA development and utilizes such technologies as Ajax and Java to deliver engaging interactivity.
  • With client’s business growth and scalability requirements in mind, QAT Global designs solutions (including SOA-based ones) that could be easily extended and integrated with other software and systems.
  • QAT Global keeps a primary focus on user experience design throughout development to support your business goals.
  • QAT Global’s development process maximizes client involvement and process transparency, designs systems that are easy to manage and support, and focuses on the main business requirements and environmental factors.

Updates and Upgrades

QAT Global utilizes a best-practice software architecture approach and techniques to allow the e-commerce solution to grow smoothly and expand both vertically and horizontally. This approach enables you to add new features on demand, embed new functionality, and upgrade the visual design without interrupting your online business.


QAT Global has extensive experience in multi-tier application development and database modeling/optimization to support your need for a highly scalable e-commerce solution. We design solutions to support an ever-growing number of visitors, user accounts, catalog records, transactions, and so forth so that you never need to worry about coming up against finite limitations.


QAT Global provides integration services for e-commerce solutions, including the development of configurable integration modules that connect web front end to the supply chain management process:

  • Payment gateways
  • Corporate accounting systems
  • Logistics management systems
  • Warehouse management software
  • CRM systems

Security & Performance

Since e-commerce software handles sensitive data and transactions, QAT Global pays a high level of attention to its security and performance. To ensure long-term uninterrupted operation of the solution built by QAT Global, we design a load-resistant architecture and utilize distinct procedures to avoid security issues.

Mobile Shopping & Social Networking Features

Mobile shopping and social networking are an integral part of today’s advanced e-commerce solutions. QAT Global offers all-round development combining all components in one solution.

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Whether you’re looking to build an innovative marketplace, create a basic online store, or want to facilitate corporate procedures, QAT Global will design a solution for you that fulfills your business requirements and sets you up for the future.