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Providing you with world class .NET development services for custom software, IoT, cloud, PWAs, and more.

Full-Stack .NET Software Development

Knowing entire .NET ecosystems, we provide development toolkits as needed using our established frameworks for .NET and front-end UI to enforce high-quality standards and techniques to deliver robust solutions. Whether we are building new software from scratch, performing complex integration, or migrating a legacy application to .NET, we’ve got you covered.

Why Choose QAT Global as Your .NET Development Services Partner?

QAT Global’s team of .NET developers has the technical expertise to design and develop high-end .NET web applications for enterprise businesses. We offer both onshore and nearshore options to outsource .NET development. Our development teams in the US, Brazil, and Costa Rica have worked on many .NET projects for a wide variety of clients in diverse industries.

  • We have a history of delighting clients resulting in strong customer loyalty, repeat business, and referrals. Many of our clients have been with us for over a decade.

  • Our free pre-project consulting process helps us both learn if there’s a good fit between our companies, understand your budget and timeline, and develop a broad plan and proposal.

  • QAT Global is result-driven. We work with clients to define their requirements and deliver exceptional results on time.

  • We are passionate about delivering high-value results and are transparent about our work. We tell you what we can do and how we intend to do it upfront.

  • We have highly trained and experienced developers who have delivered on enterprise projects for clients in a wide array of industries.

  • We pride ourselves on our integrity and service. We respect our clients’ privacy and make sure confidentiality needs are maintained.

Accelerate your .NET development using our reusable frameworks, ready-to-integrate

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QAT Global offers a wide range of .NET based services and has proven capabilities to build robust, scalable, and secure web and enterprise-based custom applications leveraging reusable frameworks and agile best practices. We’ll delivers in the analysis, design, implementation, and support of large-scale, custom .NET applications for commercial and government customers, domestic and international.

Application Architecture

We’ll help you select the architecture that will best supports the needs of your
application as you imagine it today and for future development:

Multitier architecture

When it comes to application development, we focus on maintaining as much architectural simplicity as is possible while considering your future needs. Typically, we suggest a traditional architecture for mid-sized applications to ensure their fast development, easy testing, and simplicity of maintenance.

Microservices Architecture

  • Microservices-based application – our use of microservices can help build your projects faster, have a less complex system, and allow for quick repairs, continuous deployment, partial updates, and upgrades with limited to no downtime of your system.
  • Adding new components to an existing microservices infrastructure -have the ability to quickly implement and add new functionality to an existing infrastructure as newly arising business needs, rather than creating an entirely new program.
  • Monolith application refactoring – we split your current application into smaller and simpler pieces that function independently in order to prevent it turning into a monolithic program this is slow and difficult to maintain as it continues to develop.

Cloud-native architecture

We can build your application tailored to cloud services to deliver a modern advanced app with maximal scalability and availability that benefits from significantly reduced operational costs.

Advantages of ASP.NET Development

.NET has become one of the most popular technologies for developing enterprise-class web applications with visually rich user experiences, seamless communication, and meeting critical performance requirements. The flexible and modular .NET framework enhances operational productivity and enables rapid application development of robust, scalable, and secure custom web applications.

Microsoft .NET simplifies programming so projects can be completed more quickly, and at a lower cost. Another advantage is developers can use any language from the .NET framework family to develop enterprise apps, and they are extremely easy to maintain.

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