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Desktop software customized to your purpose and built specifically to reach your business objectives.

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QAT Global maintains our rich history in developing custom desktop software while nurturing experience in web development and mobile application solutions.

We offer cross-platform and platform-specific desktop solutions to help you turn your software idea into reality while gaining customer loyalty and outperforming competitors. Our desktop software application development services enable clients to streamline their daily tasks and easily manage large amounts of data.

QAT Global delivers custom desktop software that is customized to your purpose and built specifically for you. With our Agility RPM development process, you will be involved in the entire development process and have control of how your software functions. Plus, the desktop software developed by QAT Global is robust and highly secure.

What You’ll Get

Seamless UX

Our team has 25+ years of experience in native and cross-platform programming and building responsive desktop apps that seamlessly perform in any environment and on any operating system.

Maximized Software Performance

QAT Global will maximize the potential of every desktop solution and greatly improve performance through hardware acceleration or interaction between system components.

Secure App Storage

Our approach allows us to quickly use app and system resources when processing and managing data, which results in a rapid backup process, intelligent storage tiering, and data safety.

QAT Global provides high-quality desktop applications on
Java and .NET platforms.

Our target is to provide the best quality software with the most user-friendly interfaces.

We build robust cross-platform desktop apps:

We use the latest technologies to develop customized apps that run seamlessly and deliver maintainable software with a clear and unified code structure.

  • Client-server application development

  • Desktop apps for Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS, & Android platforms

  • Standalone business software

  • Software utilities and plugins development

Additional desktop services we offer:

While QAT Global focuses on delivering turnkey desktop applications that are ready for end-users, our desktop services also include:

  • Desktop to web software reengineering and migration

  • Desktop applications redesign

  • Desktop and web application integration

  • Testing or application maintenance

  • Staff augmentation

Let’s work together to design a rich desktop application that
is exactly what you need.

Our Focus:

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