Designing Product PackagingDesigning the Packaging for Your Product

The aim of packaging is to present a unique design which will stand out amongst the competition, encouraging consumers to purchase/adopt and use the product and service. Through the competitive analysis, supporting product analysis, and supporting technology analysis, you will be seeking answers to the following questions:

  1. What design style most appeals to your target audience(s)?
  2. What colors most appeal to your target audience(s)? What colors are your competitors using?
  3. Are the preliminary packaging plans correct?
  4. Are you planning delivery on the most popular platforms in the right stages of rollout?

Packaging design plays a vital role in helping to communicate the image of the product and service. This is true even for mobile applications and SaaS products where the packaging is a combination of the user interface, imagery, icons, and so forth. The development of packaging design consists first in choosing a brand and a product name and then developing a graphic design. The graphic design should be attractive but also informative, giving details on its purpose and how to use the product.