Delivery Manager Practice
Our Secret Ingredient to Success.
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Delivery Manager Practice


The Secret Ingredient to Success

What is a Delivery Manager?

QAT Global has a professional Delivery Manager Team that works to make sure our clients’ expectations are exceeded during software development projects.  The Delivery Manager is the operational leader of the project and ultimately responsible for the general management of a project including planning, executing and tracking its course. QAT Global development is agile focused, and at the heart of this development process lives our delivery managers. They bring an extremely valuable skill set that can be beneficial in helping to resolve any concerns a client may have during the course of a software development project.

Our delivery managers bring a personalized experience to each project they are a part of. They are the “secret ingredient” that ensures we deliver a successful and quality solution each and every time.

The primary job of a delivery manager is to ensure the project goes smoothly and runs its course with the fewest possible interruptions. Apart from this, our delivery managers help our clients grasp the technical concepts and terminology so that they can fully understand each step of the development cycle. Our delivery managers promote as much transparency as possible in order to give our clients every chance to maintain an active role in building their solution.

A delivery manager will assist clients in creating their product vision, ensuring that the requirements are feasible and that a reasonable timeline of actionable events is laid out before any development begins. Our delivery managers will also assist with the creation of product requirements; this helps to alleviate any pressure or concerns clients may have with maintaining a consistent flow of work for their development team. Delivery managers don’t just accept the product requirements, we encourage and support our clients to critically assess their product needs and go into as much detail as possible. We believe in creating the best product possible for our clients, and our delivery managers are an invaluable asset in reaching that goal.

Roles & Responsibilities of Delivery Managers

Delivery Manager Practice

  • Accept accountability for planning, executing and tracking the projects​
  • Understand the business needs and the fundamental solution and architecture and communicate to teams​
  • Report and communicate with transparency to clients​
  • Scrum master for the teams depending on client needs​
  • Manage team resources​;
    • Communicating and clarifying requirements​
    • Removing obstacles ​
    • Manage time and tasks​
  • Care and feeding of soft skills for improved performance​
  • Coach, mentor and motivate team members to accept full accountability for their assigned work​

Why do I need a Delivery Manager?

Improved Communication

The ability to translate technical concepts into everyday language is a vital part of a project’s success, especially when communicating between offshore development teams and stateside clients. Whether you prefer a development team based stateside or offshore, a Delivery Manager is guaranteed to help ensure the most effective communicating between our teams and clients.

Structured Development Process

QAT Global’s Delivery Managers provide a structured development process that drives a streamlined and stress-free experience. With our delivery manager’s outstanding personal skills, detailed oriented mindset, and an unparalleled level of commitment; we can ensure that any and all pressures or concerns that may arise during the development cycle are handled quickly and effectively.

Improved Quality & Development Time

Delivery Managers strive to define requirements in great detail. They go above and beyond to deliver a successful and quality project; this is accomplished by assisting our clients to think critically over their product requirements, ensuring consistent and valuable communication is present throughout the project and working with our clients to maintain an active role in the development cycle.