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Custom Software Development Services for Enterprise Companies

Developing software tailored to your business.

Superior productivity, performance, and growth require best-in-class resources and tools. Custom software development is often used for companies with unique business processes that aren’t easily mapped to specific technology products. It’s an effective approach — we’ve spent the past 25+ years crafting custom software. It’s because our clients see how effective we are at it.

We offer full life-cycle consulting, software development, project management, testing, and implementation/rollout services, all based on deep institutional and operational understandings, such as only the most trusted, long-term partner could provide. Our focus is on understanding your routine processes, existing systems, and architecture so we can map out and articulate the full scope of data flow innovations that could translate into significant bottom-line and competitive advantages for you. We then work closely with your stakeholders and decision-makers to prioritize desired improvements, which are then executed as full-scale development initiatives.

Idea to Project Deployment Services

  • Proof of Concept
  • Technology Selection
  • Design & Architecture
  • Development
  • Testing

Deployment to Maintenance Services

  • Development
  • Technical Documentation
  • Enhancements
  • Testing

Maintenance to Retirement Services

  • Development
  • Maintenance
  • Testing
  • Migration

QAT Global thrives in cutting-edge technologies that enable business value through custom applications. Innovation and creativity are key at QAT Global. We create forward-thinking, custom software applications to help you accomplish your business objectives, provide your customers with additional value, and differentiate your business in a tough competitive environment. From full-cycle custom software development, modernizing a legacy application, designing big data and analytics solutions, to creating IoT and mobile web applications along with the client’s vision, QAT Global is an experienced development partner that delivers cost-effective and reliable custom software solutions that match your unique requirements. For over 25 years, QAT Global has delivered in the analysis, design, implementation, and support of large-scale, custom software applications for commercial and government customers, domestic and international.

Organizations looking to outside partners to provide custom software have many options, but few companies are as skilled in software architecture and design as QAT Global.

Leaders in custom software development

As pioneers of new technology, we are constantly evolving, offering new services and approaches. If you are interested in a feature or technology that you don’t see listed on the site, contact us and let us know what you are trying to accomplish. We thrive on new challenges and will find the best custom application design and development solution for the job.

QAT Global offers some of the most brilliant business analysts and skilled software engineers working in synchronization with the client’s vision to collectively develop the most flexible and suitable software solutions for their business requirements.

Custom Software Development Quick Sheet

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As you engage with us, you will experience the outstanding technical skills, business domain expertise and smart project management of QAT Global’s team– from initial requirements definition and business process modeling to user training and solution support and maintenance.

QAT Global typically uses an Agile approach to projects which splits the project into several sprints (well-defined periods of time with fixed goals and deliverables). This Agile approach has the following advantages:

  • Transparency: Each sprint’s delivery is done on schedule.
  • Reliability: Each sprint’s delivery goes through acceptance procedures to confirm all the requirements have been met.
  • Time-to-market: Each sprint’s delivery contains a portion of the required functionality and is functional.
  • Flexibility: Adjustments to features and design can be easily accommodated.

Custom Software Development Technologies and Development Process

Our expertise comprises a comprehensive set of technologies, frameworks, methodologies, and best practices that enable us to develop the most challenging and complex projects and fulfill client requirements, expectations and preferences.

To cut costs and ensure effective results, we assign distributed development project teams that best fit the project’s goals and software requirements. Our software developers, architects, business analysts, coordinators, and project managers use QAT Global’s Agility RPM.

For more information about our skills and methodologies, please see our Technologies overview and How we work section.

Software Architecture

The most common area for failure in custom software application development projects is the hand-off between enterprise architecture and application architecture. Taking the hard work of an enterprise application framework and reference architecture and developing a true application requires detailed methodology, firm understanding of application development principles, and strict adherence to standards for software development. QAT Global Application Architects have the proven experience to bridge the gap between enterprise and application architecture, using Agility RPM℠’s proven methodology and standards and applying either our jDaptive or nDaptive application platform or a custom one developed specifically for you. Our services mitigate the most common risk to successful application deployment and position your critical software for success.

The QAT Global Software Architecture service includes:

  • Create candidate and solution architectures.
  • Analyze technical environment for reusable components, services, and platforms.
  • Integrate an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and define adapters.
  • Assure compliance with reference architecture and enterprise standards.
  • Plan the integration of legacy applications and phase out roadmaps.

Application Requirements Analysis and Design

QAT Global provides consulting for requirements analysis and design in custom software development projects. Modern software has progressed quickly from the traditional monolithic architectures and into the loosely coupled, service-based designs inherent within an SOA environment. The task of analyzing requirements and designing custom software has changed dramatically along with the underlying architectures. As you prepare to begin the requirements and design tasks for your new system, there is no end of options for external consulting partners skilled in traditional application design, but QAT Global stands alone in this area as the premier provider of custom software development within modern environments.

The QAT Global Software Application Requirements Analysis and Design service includes:

  • Define and design service components, services, and frameworks.
  • Design web services for maximum reusability.
  • Design and prototype UI (Web, Window, etc.…).
  • Design database structure, relational layout, and performance profiling.
  • Develop prototype code to guide development efforts and prove concepts.

Multiple design methodologies exist for requirements analysis and application design (such as Agile, RUP, and others). At QAT Global, Agility RPM℠, which combines the iterative development components of Agile, the proven requirements definition techniques of RUP, guided by one of our Architects or a Project Manager with the years of experience in the unique design challenges of custom software development, enables us to create superior project specifications so our team has an excellent technical understanding of your projects.

Business and Systems Integration

QAT Global provides consulting for business and systems integration. Organizations moving to an SOA-based architecture face the ubiquitous problem of integrating existing and legacy applications and data sources into the new architecture. In addition, most organizations today also have increasing integration needs with partner-provided applications or hosted applications and data sources. A true SOA system must incorporate new services with existing applications, partner data sources, and hosted applications. QAT Global’s Business and Systems Integration services ease the transition to SOA by interfacing legacy and external resources into new systems.

QAT Global has significant experience with incorporating external applications and data sources into your internal architecture to extend your business beyond the walls of your organization.

The QAT Global Business and Systems Integration service includes:

  • Develop web service wrappers for existing data sources and functions.
  • Integrate services into an ESB and SOA infrastructure.
  • Integrate legacy applications through web services or custom adapters.
  • Integrate partner applications and data sources into new applications.
  • Expose core functionality of existing systems for use by other applications.
  • Leverage existing code and databases within your modern SOA environment.

Iterative Application Services

QAT Global provides outsourcing and consulting for custom software development projects. Custom software development requires specialized skills and techniques. These include proven, hard-to-find skills such as web services, SOA, XML, .NET, J2EE, and ESB integration. No matter the development or deployment platform, the experience of QAT Global consultants trained in Agility RPM℠ maximizes the value of a new system by accelerating the deployment time while meeting or exceeding all user requirements.

QAT Global uses our repeatable process methodology we call Agility RPM℠. Agility RPM℠ is not a new non-standard development approach but is rooted in Agile software development methods and industry best practices to help ensure timely delivery of high-quality products to our clients. Agility RPM℠ is also agile and flexible enough to account for the uniqueness of your project while still being repeatable with clearly defined processes, artifacts, and client involvement to ensure that we are developing the right product at the right time.

QAT Global’s Custom Software Development Iterative Application Services include:

  • Execute full lifecycle projects based on software designs.
  • Utilize Agile development methodologies with strict governance.
  • Develop web services, data access adapters, and business logic.
  • Define testing scenarios and perform QA and UAT testing.
  • Deploy completed system into production usage.
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and support of production systems.

We can assist you with developing software that conforms with common compliance requirements including HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act), GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act), CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), Section 508 Guidelines, SOX (Sarbanes–Oxley Act) and accounting standards, COSO, COBIT®, SAS, PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), GLBA – Public Law 106–102, FDIC/FFIEC guidelines, FACT Act, Patriot Act (2001), FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act), and breach laws in all US states.

An extensive hands-on implementation experience allows QAT Global to provide mature and quality project management, focusing on the critical elements:

  • Project communication and reporting
  • Intermediate deliveries
  • Requirements, change, and risk mangagement
  • Quality assurance
  • Competence transfer

Quality assurance

Reliable quality assurance is an essential part of any implementation methodology. QAT Global has a highly professional and skilled quality assurance staff that provide your software quality assurance and audit.

Enterprise Solutions Development


We have deep expertise and genuine skills in developing enterprise solutions of various complexity levels. Our experience in Business Process Management, Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Collaboration, and other business domains allows us to provide our clients with the best-practice custom software solutions.

Web Development

QAT Global develops feature-rich custom web applications, websites, and portals for corporate and internet-focused projects including E-commerce, Logistics, Energy, and many others.

SaaS Solutions Development

QAT Global delivers full-cycle SaaS model solution development, deployment, and support. Our services include custom plug-ins development and integration for SaaS solutions you already use or plan to use.

Desktop Application Development

We create cross-platform standalone and client-server business applications ensuring stable functioning, high performance and usability.

Embedded Systems and Other Programming Applications

We offer embedded systems and device interfaces development, custom driver development, and high-performance applications design.

Custom Enterprise Development

QAT Global’s team will help you design and implement custom enterprise apps that automate organizational and client-centric workflows. We’ll create custom software solutions from scratch or tune the up current systems to seamlessly embed them into your IT environment.

Enterprise Application Integration

We’ll help you integrate scattered enterprise apps in order to accelerate business processes, eliminate ineffective routine operations, verify data validity and remain consistent across data warehouses, applications, and geographical locations.

Legacy Application Modernization

We help you revitalize your existing legacy applications to meet new business demands and position your business to take advantage of cloud computing,  mobility, and virtualization by migrating to newer platforms, providing fresh features, and improving UX, UI, and security.

Enterprise Mobile Apps

Mobile apps provide your organization, employees, customers, and business partners with a convenient toolset at their fingertips, allowing them to stay connected, easily access business data and processes, and be productive from any physical location or time zone.

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Whether you are looking for an experienced custom software development partner to deliver an enterprise software solution, an experienced application integrator to create a connected software ecosystem, or a diversified team of developers to manage several enterprise applications, you can turn to QAT Global.

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