A Hybrid Sourcing for Model for Maximum Value

Leveraging a Bestshore Delivery Model with Rural Resources

QAT Global is a leader in rural and offshore sourcing options for software development, support, and maintenance for critical business applications; cost-effective alternatives to the traditional model for IT outsourcing. By leveraging both rural onshore and rural offshore development centers and remote resources to create custom teams, we can help clients bring new products to market more quickly, achieve business goals more effectively, and operate with a high level of efficiency. We have development centers in 2nd and 3rd tier cities in the United States and Brazil and a third development center in Costa Rica.

Cross-Sourcing includes an appropriate combination of the following:

  • Onsite Engagement
  • Offsite Development – from our Development Center in Omaha
  • Onshore Resources – working remotely from cities around the United States.
  • Offshore Development – from our Global Development Center in Brazil or Costa Rica

In developing a unique solution for your company, we consider cost, complexity, infrastructure, resource requirements, testing, and maintenance and suggest the most optimal solution.

Benefits of Cross-Sourcing

  • Minimization of language and time zone barriers
  • Risk abatement against pure offshore
  • Competitive cost structures against pure local
  • On-site visibility/capability (ability to be on-site in hours)
  • Cultural bridge and understanding of US business
  • Stability of resources; low turnover
  • Centralized quality assurance approach
  • Promotion of quality-driven development through thorough processes
  • Accelerated testing cycles
  • Tighter quality controls over pure offshore teams
  • Scalable structure allows for rapid ramp-up of resources to meet demanding schedules

QAT Global Customers Save with Cross-Sourcing

Cross-Sourcing Team Savings
25-30% over a full onshore team

Offshore + 1 Team Savings
30-50% over a full onshore team

Our unique repeatable development methodology, Agility RPM℠, combined with proven project management techniques and a Bestshore Delivery Model, enables us to develop solutions for virtually any kind of business. Whether you need help in specific areas of the software development process, want to migrate an existing or legacy application from one platform to another, improve an internal system, or build a software product from the ground up, QAT can provide resources with the experience and skills to deliver the features and quality for the project to succeed.

Why Locate In Rural Communities?

QAT Global’s rural development centers have the ability to operate more cost-effectively than urban centers and attract dedicated, high-caliber employees. In addition, our Omaha-based rural development center offers US-based business understanding, software development life-cycle expertise, and independent software testing location and works closely every day with our rural Brazil development center.

With our specialized training, our local workforces deliver practical, world-class IT services for public, private, local, and global technology clients – all at competitive prices and superior quality and convenience to Chinese and Indian offshore alternatives.

Omaha Development Center

Focuses on product/project management, architectural leadership, and development. Our onsite consultants take responsibility for the success of an engagement and work with your management team to ensure you have the service and support you need. They are adept communicators who effectively convey everything they learn about your requirements reducing the risk of omissions and eliminating guesswork. Our comprehensive onsite consulting services also include executive-level business process reviews that not only help you with the project itself but can also help evaluate product direction from both a technical and strategic perspective. Having outgrown a modest suite of offices in the Central Park Plaza South tower, we are now occupying the full 10th floor of the North tower.

Uberaba Development Center

QAT Global’s state-of-the-art offshore development center is located in Uberaba and offers a robust and secure infrastructure. The facilities and equipment create a work environment that promotes productivity and teamwork while providing comfort and convenience for our employees. The Brazil Offshore Development Center fosters an environment that respects and welcomes people, ideas, concepts, and solutions from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities. Integrity and honesty form the base of our work culture, and we follow them every day. At QAT Global, we realize our strength is our people. We hire the best and focus on retaining them. Employee retention is a vital part of our organization’s vision and focus. A great work culture, perfect work-life balance, excellent growth opportunities, and various training programs enable us to maintain a level of attrition well below industry averages. Our focus is on retaining the best talent by appreciating and rewarding their efforts.”

Why Do Our Clients Choose Cross-Sourcing?

QAT Global’s clients range from the Fortune 500 company concerned with managing total costs and risks to the smaller software development company focusing on protecting intellectual property to government agencies concerned with keeping costs down. We provide a high level of customer service and a cost-effective alternative to traditional IT outsourcing with cross-sourcing. In fact, the total cost of ownership between rural sourcing onshore and rural sourcing offshore is quite comparable. Let us show you the numbers.

Get The Solution You Need

The best news is that QAT Global develops a custom team unique to your circumstances. We can locate, hire, and implement the team you need in one of our Rural Development Centers. As a result, our clients realize tangible and intangible values such as reduced costs, improved employee morale, and decreased people dependency without compromising quality or function. A full labor availability, cost, and timeframe assessment will give you the answers you’re looking for about cross-sourcing as an option for your company.

Cross-sourcing is also often referred to as distributed development and bestshore.