Crafting Your Product DescriptionCreating Your Product Description

The development of a complete product description is top of mind when preparing to market a new product and service. The product description will help increase sales, boost SEO, increase visitor time on page, keep them coming back, and encourage sharing. The product description will be designed to address the audience, setting, features and benefits, and brand.

You will start by analyzing the product descriptions of competitive and complementary products/services. Once this analysis is complete, you will work on creating the first draft of your product description.

The product description will follow the general product description format:

  • Opening
    • Begin with an exhortation or action
    • Set the scene
    • Juxtapose the product and service with a familiar idea
    • Ask a question
  • Describe the product and service, relating features to benefits. Be specific and focus on what makes it unique.
  • Relate the product and service to the customer’s life and add in a call to action. Suggest accessories, actions, or situations that might complement the product and service. Play on the scene set in the beginning, or describe where we expect the product to be used. And finally, talk beyond the sale by describing long-term benefits.