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Alex Barros – 20 Year Club


Alex Barros 20 years of excellent service at QAT Global Alex is a Solutions Architect and our Director of Brazil Operations here at QAT Global. He has held many significant roles throughout his years of [...]

Alex Barros – 20 Year Club2019-09-11T10:11:02-05:00

Quarter 4 Staff Recognition: 2018


Quarter 4 Staff Recognition - 2018 Dave McTeer is celebrating 3 years with the company. Chuck Snyder is celebrating 22 years with the company. Bob Steele is celebrating 12 years with the company. Tim Goldsmith [...]

Quarter 4 Staff Recognition: 20182019-04-12T09:27:14-05:00

Tom Mclaughlin’s G2G Adventure


Tom Mclaughlin’s G2G Adventure In September 2018, 22 countries were represented in a 7-day, 170-mile race that took place starting from the rim of the Grand Canyon to the summit of the Grand Staircase. The [...]

Tom Mclaughlin’s G2G Adventure2019-05-01T13:39:42-05:00

Quarter 3 Staff Recognition: 2018


Quarter 3 Staff Recognition - 2018 Steve Dunn is celebrating 5 years with the company. Jesse Farrell is celebrating 6 years with the company. Brent Hodgen is celebrating 19 years with the company. Kenn Thompson [...]

Quarter 3 Staff Recognition: 20182019-04-12T09:28:07-05:00