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QAT Global’s 20-Year Club


QAT Global’s 20-Year Club Staff Retention and Engagement is at an Industry High at this IT Company Here at QAT Global, we take great pride in our employees and their dedication and commitment to us. [...]

QAT Global’s 20-Year Club2019-04-12T09:25:41-05:00

Chuck Snyder – 20 Year Club


Chuck Snyder’s 20 years of service at QAT Global Chuck signed on with QAT as a part of the first sales team in 1996 has been with us ever since. He grew up in Nebraska [...]

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Julie Parsons – 20 Year Club


Julie is our Delivery Manager here at QAT Global but has served in a variety of vital roles over her 20 years of Service. She grew up in Council Bluffs Iowa but has spent most [...]

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Alex Barros – 20 Year Club


Alex Barros 20 years of excellent service at QAT Global Alex is a Solutions Architect and our Director of Brazil Operations here at QAT Global. He has held many significant roles throughout his years of [...]

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