Capitalizing on Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has not only revolutionized IT, but how businesses operate.

Cloud Computing promises the best of all worlds. The ability to ramp up and wind down IT resources as desired. Endless scalability. Ready access to the most advanced technologies and best practices. Maximum uptime. Dramatically reduced maintenance, capital, and resource expenses.

Businesses around the world realize that with the right approach to cloud-based services, they can create a compelling competitive advantage by improving the performance of their services and lowering costs. It also has the potential to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver new, innovative services to manage much more than applications on the internet. Cloud computing is changing the way customers, partners and employees interact and opening up market opportunities that appear and disappear on a moment’s notice. Successful businesses must rapidly and efficiently adapt to these changes.

While this sounds great in theory, what does it really mean for your business? How exactly do you balance being equipped to achieve short-term goals with being prepared to take advantage of future opportunities? How do you make sure you have the kinds of security you need?

As you embrace the cloud and prepare to develop and implement your cloud strategy to fully exploit all the potential benefits, partner with QAT Global. We have the expertise to demystify cloud computing for you and assist you in developing your hybrid approach to private and public cloud – integrating cloud applications, infrastructure, and legacy systems from planning to migration to ongoing management. QAT Global uses a service-oriented approach and hands-on experience to help clients leverage cloud technologies from strategy through implementation for maximum business value.

Cloud computing can empower your business to innovate in new and valuable ways:

  • Explore innovative ideas by quickly building and “live beta testing” solutions with little risk, IT involvement and cost
  • Bring new innovative products and services to market
  • Extend collaboration and information access to customers, partners, and employees anywhere, anytime, from any device
  • Gain deeper insight from complex analytics on extremely large datasets in an accelerated timeframe
  • Take advantage of valuable information through IoT services

With today’s cloud, a great user experience is possible and should be expected.

QAT Global Cloud Offerings

Most importantly, we are here for you as a trusted partner, not just another services provider. Working together, we can develop and implement a best practice-based strategic plan for cloud computing success in your data center and end-user environment or design, architect and implement enterprise, consumer and carrier-scale cloud products designed to support as many end users, from thousands to millions, as needed.

From strategic guidance to migration, from hosting to ongoing management, QAT Global’s Cloud Computing Services enable you to make smart choices for your business that:

  • Drive faster results
  • Provide flexibility to embrace growth
  • Optimize your complete environment

Advisory Services

  • Cloud Strategy Assessments and Development
  • Platform as a service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Platform Selection
  • Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud Options Assessment
  • Cloud-based R&D

Architecture Services

  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Cloud Provisioning
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud Risk Assessment

Engineering Services

  • Custom Cloud Platform Engineering
  • Cloud Application Migration Services
  • Cloud Application Development
  • Cloud Deployment and Integration
  • Cloud Development Accelerators

From finding the right architecture for your cloud solution to getting a cloud solution to market quickly, QAT Global can help you reach the answers that minimize risk and maximize success.