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In addition to working with prestigious, innovative clients on intellectually challenging engagements that significantly enrich the experience, skills and knowledge of our team members, we believe in investing in their development to help them reach their potential.

Structured Learning

QAT Global has a commitment to continual learning, providing opportunities such as classroom training, online learning programs, and seminars to support your career growth. We have invested heavily in an internal curriculum designed to deliver the unique skills and knowledge necessary for our team members to become leaders in the technologies we work with. QAT Global also has many innovative resources available to enable our people to remain at the forefront of their particular field, whether strategy, design or technology.

Ongoing Career Development

We provide a number of compelling career development and career growth opportunities to every team member throughout QAT Global. These include mentoring, workshops, certification programs, and cross-training opportunities as well as performance reviews. Regularly scheduled performance reviews give each QAT Global employee the opportunity to receive customized, personal career guidance, as well as a structured way to establish goals and monitor progress towards achieving them. We regularly promote from within and encourage people to experience a range of job duties over the course of their QAT Global career.

QAT Global believes in investing in its people. Your career growth and development are important. It starts with fostering innovation from all levels within our organization. QAT Global also understands that the underlying reason for work is to provide for our families. As such, we consider our people not only to be the heart and soul of the products and services we offer to our clients but also as fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and part of a much larger picture.

Commitment to Innovation

At QAT Global, innovation is not just nice to have; it’s built into our company’s DNA. Innovation has always been a core value to us. QAT Global’s team members are continually provided opportunities to learn and apply new technologies, break new ground in the design arena, and enable cutting-edge business changes in the industries we serve. We have a substantial investment in ongoing research, and each consultant at QAT Global has the opportunity to be part of a portfolio of innovation projects.

Building Your Personal Brand

As a leading edge consultancy, QAT Global takes thought leadership seriously and believes that being open and showing what we are capable of is one of the best ways to grow your brand and ours. Whether contributing to our aggregated QAT Global blog, speaking on a panel, being interviewed for an article, or contributing to a third-party publishing site, QAT Global helps our team members to realize their full potential.

Working with the Best

Over the years, many of the top people in technology and design have chosen to work at QAT Global for the experience of working side by side with outstanding colleagues. As a company, we foster collaboration and recognize that great people thrive among those who, like themselves, are smart, passionate, creative, and personable. By gathering an amazing team under one (global) roof, QAT Global has created a work culture that is both challenging and energizing.

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