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QAT Global will change the way you think about CA Gen! QAT Global, the North American industry leader in CA Gen services, can help you maximize your CA Gen investments while planning a pathway to give users the state of the art web, mobile, and desktop applications they demand today.

Pitfalls of Legacy Modernization

The problem:

Companies of all sizes are grappling with aging, complex systems that are costly to maintain and too inflexible to support new business initiatives.

In the current economy, with IT budgets likely to stay flat or grow only modestly, this problem is getting worsae — with organizations forced to use an ever-increasing share of their budgets just to maintain existing legacy systems.

Contrary to what most vendors tell their clients, there’s no off-the-shelf solution for application portfolio modernization. Unfortunately, all too often, vendors are part of the problem by selling companies on a new system while lacking the expertise or support needed to convert huge blocks of data or completely retire the old system.

Planning an Approach to Modernize CA Gen Applications

In a typical legacy modernization project, the scope is often determined by the existing systems. In QAT Global’s experience, we’ve learned that to deliver real business value, legacy modernization projects must take a more comprehensive view of the project’s scope and objectives.

Legacy modernization planning is the most important phase of every modernization project. The establishment of full governance during the planning stage should involve all the stakeholders to ensure short and long term goals are in balance, as well as business and IT requirements.

QAT Global’s approach to planning to modernize CA Gen applications takes into account business drivers, application portfolio objectives, strategic and project goals, and monetary impact to deliver modernization plans that address short-term priorities while working toward long-term goals. Our approach is designed to deliver an improved application portfolio that enables continuous business improvements and the agility to respond quickly to change.

In executing this strategy, we address the organization’s immediate needs while delivering the modernized strategic architecture. Our modernization planning process is a key phase in an agile, full lifecycle process where each phase provides the required understanding to scope the next phases and control, coordinate, and manage them.

What Most Vendors
Won’t Tell You
That We Will

Sometimes it is ok to do nothing
– focus on reducing costs
and invest elsewhere.

It may be time to outsource
systems and processes.

Consider converting into
a strategic platform.

You may be able to breathe
life into older applications
(SOA/ROA etc…).

Don’t revise and customize
more than you have to
(especially packages and/or
property environments).

Rebuilding an application is useful
only in specific situations.

Similar to code refactoring, the process of rediscovering an application’s business requirements and redeveloping them from the ground up may be practical only for specialized, proprietary applications driving core market differentiations.

Unfortunately, over the years, many companies have tried to rebuild their core applications and failed. In today’s environment, with technologies and standards changing every 18 months, the prospect of a multiyear development project, with multiple iterations of testing and performance tuning, is too overwhelming for most IT departments even to consider not to mention the ability to budget for.

Service System Integration
is no silver bullet but
it does have its place.

It may be possible to upgrade
instead of ripping and replacing
(around package software).

System replacement only solves
part of the problem and may not
meet all your business needs.

Adopt a plan to retire
your legacy system
– and stick to it.

Most vendors are more concerned
with selling new systems than
helping to retire old ones.

Successful companies choose to follow a methodical, yet flexible, modernization framework and achieve transformational change throughout their organizations.

How QAT Global Can Help Modernize CA Gen Applications

We’re not like other vendors and neither is our approach to legacy modernization for CA Gen. We take a vendor agnostic approach and are not tied to single solution for legacy modernization (package, re-write etc…). We bring vast experience in all technologies (Mainframe, Packages, Cloud, C/S, SOA/ROA, BigData, Mobile, Micro-services, Enterprise Integration, Open because we specialize in developing custom software solutions for enterprise and government organizations. We are budget conscious and we will help you work out a strategy that fits existing and future budgets while making progress towards the desired modernization strategy. Best of all, we can not only can architect/plan the solution, we can also assist in the implementation of the solutions using any combination of on-site resources, resources based in our Omaha development center (rural outsourcing), resources based in our Brazil development center (offshore outsourcing), and remote resources.

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