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Application Development Acceleration for CA Gen

QAT Global doesn’t do any development projects in Gen without using patterns and QAT Wizard. You will see productivity increase 8-15+ times* where patterns are used in your development activities using QAT Wizard. Imagine the cost savings and benefits you could gain by reducing your new development time from 2 weeks to 20 minutes. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. QAT Wizard will drastically reduce your development time and produce code that precisely meets your coding and view standards.
Wizard Control Panel

QAT Wizard is a plug-in for CA Gen that dramatically accelerates the application development process. First, the Wizard plug-in itself is a sophisticated plug-in for CA Gen that expertly copies and customizes Gen code according to a custom interview. The second part is the actual pattern model that gets copied and customized by the Wizard. The newest releases focus on the automation, tools and documentation required for customers to author their own standard patterns and corresponding Wizard Interviews.

The pattern model provided by QAT Global is still definitely the best starting point, but the customer is now able to create entirely new patterns and associated interviews for the Wizard. All code and view standards can be applied to the Pattern model and interviews can be created for existing models with any code and view standard.

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Other QAT Wizard Components:

The Wizard Interview Manager is a visual design tool used to develop the Interactive Wizard Interview. The designer can choose from several types of options for prompting the developer through the interview. Some options are simple question/answer where the developer is prompted for choices that are defined by the designer. Other options are used to prompt the developer to select model objects, such as entities, attributes and relationships to be supported within the new application being created by the Wizard. These options can be conditional based on previous selections made in the interview. The designer also has the ability to enable and disable features to customize the pattern code it copies according to the choices made in the interview. The interview is interpreted by QAT Wizard so it can be tested as the interview is being developed.

A pattern developer guide is provided that details how to develop a custom pattern model for QAT Wizard. This guide outlines the action diagram coding rules and techniques required to build a pattern model that will interact with the Wizard Interview to produce a fully customized application.

A new automated Pattern Test Harness was developed into the starter pattern model. This test harness integrates directly to the Wizard Interview in a special mode that allows the tester to make the same choices they will be presented with during the Wizard Interview. This allows for each pattern to be tested with any combination of features defined.

In order to automate the logic to enable the patterns to retrieve these current settings (i.e. Enabled Wizard Features) so the test can execute as if those features were selected during the Wizard, we created a plug-in that generates this specialized Wizard Feature action diagram logic into the pattern procedures and action blocks automatically.

Between the new automated test menu and the new plug-in to generate the Wizard Feature logic, we’ve greatly simplified the task of developing and testing patterns for QAT Wizard. The new pattern test menu and code generator can now be launched directly from the QAT Wizard control panel.

The Notes Manager is a plug-in for CA Gen that allows for common notes to be easily managed across an entire model. It is important to maintain consistent notes within a pattern model so developers have the proper standards documentation to understand and complete the applications after they are created by QAT Wizard. This tool requires that any common notes be tagged using an XML style tag within the note to identify them as “Managed Notes”. This plug-in then allows for the text within these managed notes to be modified across the model. Entirely new Managed Notes can also be created. These changes can be filtered by Clients, Servers and Action Blocks.

We are also including a new tool called QAT ReFactor. The QAT ReFactor is a plug-in for CA Gen that provides sophisticated Action Diagram view substitution between unlike Entities, Work Sets, and their Attributes. Individual action diagrams, complete call chains, or the entire model can be targeted for the ReFactor operation. The ReFactor operations even allow attributes with unlike domains to be matched and substituted in the Action Diagrams.

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