Application Development And Support (ADS)

CA Gen Application Dev SupportWhether it’s modernizing a legacy application, increasing system flexibility, or fulfilling a requirement to meet changing business needs, QAT Global has the expertise and experience to meet your CA Gen needs. For over 20 years, QAT Global has delivered in the analysis, design, implementation, and support of large-scale, custom applications using CA Gen for commercial and government customers, domestic and international.

Our Application Development and Support (ADS) service provides full lifecycle support for CA Gen systems. Modern software architecture has moved beyond the traditional monolithic structure with ubiquitous web services, web and mobile enablement, and rich web interfaces. QAT Global thrives in the cutting edge technologies that enable business value through custom applications and we’ll bring these skills to your CA Gen projects.

Organizations looking to outside partners to provide custom software have many options, but few companies are as skilled in software architecture and design as QAT Global. Experience the difference that QAT Global application development and support can bring to your organization.

ADS Offerings:

The most common area for failure in application development projects is in the hand-off between enterprise architecture and application architecture. This is particularly true when using the CA Gen product because most enterprises exclude or do not understand how to include CA Gen systems into their enterprise architectures. Taking the hard work of an enterprise application framework and reference architecture and developing a true application requires detailed methodology, a firm understanding of application development principles and strict adherence to the often newly-created standards for software development. QAT Global Application Architects have the proven experience to bridge the gap between enterprise and application architecture, using QAT Global proven methodologies and design principles. Our services mitigate the most common risk to successful application deployment and position your critical software for success.

The QAT Global Software Architecture service includes:

  • Create candidate and solution architectures, which include CA Gen.
  • Analyze technical environment for reusable components, services, and platforms.
  • Integrate an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and define adapters.
  • Assure compliance with reference architecture and enterprise standards.
  • Plan the integration of legacy applications and phase out roadmaps.
QAT Global provides consulting for requirements analysis and design in custom CA Gen software projects. Modern software has progressed quickly from the traditional monolithic architectures into loosely coupled, service based designs. The task of analyzing requirements and designing custom software has changed dramatically along with the underlying architectures. As you prepare to begin the requirements and design tasks for your new functionality or systems, there is no end of options for external consulting partners who are skilled in traditional application design, but QAT Global stands alone in this area as the premier provider of CA Gen software designs within modern environments.

The QAT Global Requirements Analysis and Design service includes:

  • Define and design service components, services, and frameworks.
  • Design web services for maximum reusability.
  • Design and prototype UI (Web, Window etc…).
  • Design database structure, relational layout and performance profiling.
  • Develop prototype code to guide development efforts and prove concepts.

Multiple design methodologies exist for requirements analysis and application design (such as Agile, RUP, and others). QAT Global uses its methodology which combines the iterative development components of Agile, the proven requirements definition techniques of RUP, with the years of QAT Global experience in the unique design challenges of custom software development.

QAT Global provides consulting for business and systems integration. Integrating existing and legacy applications and data sources is a need for every organization today. In addition, most organizations today also have increasing integration needs with partner provided applications or hosted applications and data sources. To meet user expectations and deliver maximum RIO, systems must integrate with other existing applications, partner data sources, and hosted applications. QAT Global’s Business and Systems Integration services are delivered by teams experience in interfacing legacy and external resources into new systems.

QAT Global has significant experience with incorporating external applications and data sources into your internal architecture to extend your business beyond the walls of your organization.

The QAT Global Business and Systems Integration service includes:

  • Develop web service wrappers for new or existing CA Gen systems, data sources, and functions.
  • Integrate legacy applications through web services or custom adapters.
  • Integrate partner applications and data sources into new applications.
  • Expose core functionality of existing systems for use by other applications.
  • Leverage existing code and databases within your modern environment.
QAT Global provides iterative application services and consulting for software development projects. CA Gen software development requires specialized skills and techniques. These include proven skills in hard to find skills and combinations of skills such as web services, CA Gen, XML, .Net, J2EE, and systems integration. No matter the development or deployment platform, the experience of QAT Global consultants maximizes the value of systems by accelerating the deployment time while meeting or exceeding all user requirements.

QAT Global uses our Agility RPM software development methodology to deliver exceptional results to clients. This methodology is not a new non-standard development approach, but is a version of RUP, leveraging the iterative lifecycle approach of Agile methodologies. Our standards-based approach, drawing upon experience from hundreds of successful software development projects, ensures repeatable success in the software development paradigm.

QAT’s Iterative Application Services include:

  • Execute full lifecycle projects based on software designs.
  • Utilize Agile development methodologies, with strict governance.
  • Develop web services, data access adapters and business logic.
  • Define testing scenarios and perform QA and UAT testing.
  • Deploy completed system into production usage.
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and support of production systems.

Why QAT Global?

Our approach and implementation to ADS is founded on our practical experience in building working products and solutions for enterprises across the globe.

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