CA Gen Solutions
QAT Global develops solutions for CA Gen that help you keep pace with the speed of technology.
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CA Gen Solutions

QAT Global is a CA Smart Partner

QAT Global develops solutions for CA Gen that help you keep pace with the speed of technology.

QAT Global works closely with business and technology leaders to deliver solutions that leverage QAT’s software foundation allowing our customers to transform their legacy systems to their competitive advantage.

QAT Global provides leading services around the CA Gen product, including legacy modernization, product upgrades, training, application development, maintenance outsourcing, and IT staffing. Leading products include multiple plug-ins for productivity and development as well as enterprise components for application security, workflow, and dynamic table management.

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QAT Global is an expert in CA Gen.

We offer products, services, training, and mentoring to organizations and their employees in developing and integrating systems using the CA Gen product. We take pride in being associated with this product from its early days as IEF through its days as Composer, COOL: Gen, Advantage Gen, AllFusion Gen to its current CA Gen version.  With our CA Gen lineage and our vast technical expertise in and out of the CA Gen product, we are the company CA Gen clients from around the world call on to solve their most difficult CA Gen issues. Our partnership approach means you get the most out of your investment as quickly as possible. We are large enough to handle all your business needs and small enough to provide personalized service. We do our best to provide value to our customers.


We provide consulting in various areas of modern business, including technology consulting, business consulting, management consulting, and marketing consulting. Our consultants provide sound business advice based on real-world business experience and knowledge. To discuss your needs and how our team can help you, please call us at 402-391-9200 or 800-799-8545.


We provide a variety of training classes on CA Gen. Our classes are taught by our professional business consultants and include real-world knowledge of the subject matter.

Onsite, Offsite & Offshore Development, Maintenance, & Management of Software Applications

At QAT Global, we offer cross-sourcing to deliver the optimal combination of onsite, offsite, and offshore resources for the development, maintenance, and management of all or a part of the software applications for our clients. Learn more

Why QAT?

Our approach to the CA Gen product is founded on our extensive practical experience in building working products, best practices, and solutions for enterprises across the globe with the CA Gen product.

How can you reach us?

Looking to learn more about what makes QAT Global your top partner for CA Gen? We’d love to connect with you and discuss your company’s goals and what makes us the right partner for the future. Call us at 800-799-8545 / 402-391-9200 or email us at

Our Customers

Businesses around the world trust QAT Global solutions for their most critical business processes. QAT Global works closely with these market leaders to deliver solutions that leverage QAT’s software and services to allow companies to deploy service-oriented applications for competitive advantage.

American Century Investments
American Family Insurance
AMX International
Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas City
Blue Cross Blue Shield Missouri
Canadian Intellectual Property Office
Computer Science corporation
FedEx Freight
First National Bank
Idaho National Laboratory
Illinois River Energy
Inter-American Development Bank
Matson Navigation
Nebraska Department of Roads
Nissan Motors
Ohio Schools Employers Retirement System
Omaha Public Power District

Publix Supermarkets
Roundys Supermarkets
State of California
State of Iowa
State of Kansas
State of Missouri
State of Nebraska Department of Human Services
State of North Carolina
State of North Dakota
State of Nevada Division of Child and Family Services
State of New Mexico Department of Human Services
State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Trane company
United States Patent and Trademark Office
Union Pacific Railroad
United States Department of Agriculture

Our Partners

We work with a range of partners both in the US and internationally.

CA Gen Tech Partner Advanced CA is one of the world’s largest providers of IT management software and the supplier of CA Gen. We are a CA Smart partner and service partner.
Altova -- XML, data management, UML, and Web services toolsAltova® StyleVision® 2006 is the ultimate visual stylesheet designer for XML and DBs. Altova StyleVision is a visual stylesheet designer for XML, XBRL, and databases. QAT Global recommends Altova StyleVision for creating stylesheets. Learn more…
IET Information Engineering Technology specializes in the development of software products to enhance the CA Gen development tool.
Jumar Jumar is a specialist IT services and solutions company with offices in the UK and Australia. It provides software, services, and tools specifically designed to modernize applications and specialist IT recruitment solutions to major corporates worldwide.
Facet Facet is a specialist Gen consulting company based in Brisbane, Australia, which provides a range of CA Gen products, consulting, and project solutions.
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We work as a single united team with market-leading firms across the globe and deliver the highest quality software development solutions possible to our clients.
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