Brazil Offshore Development Center
Take your software development outsourcing nearshore.
Brazil Offshore Development Center
Take your software development outsourcing nearshore.
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QAT Global – Brazil

Take Your Outsourcing Nearshore

QAT Global offers our customers the option of leveraging talented development team members from our wholly-owned and staffed Offshore Development Center in Uberaba, MG, Brazil. The QAT Brazil Development Center provides exceptional value to customers who have opted to take advantage of its technical resources. QAT Brazil brings a committed focus to the critical success factors and risk reduction methods in our software development approach.

Our state-of-the-art nearshore development center offers a secure and robust infrastructure. The facilities and equipment create a work environment that promotes productivity, collaboration, and active learning while providing comfort and convenience for our Uberaba staff.

Customers engaged with QAT Brazil team members have the flexibility of either a portion of or the entire project being performed by staff located in the Brazil Development Center.

The Brazil development center fosters an environment that encourages staff to contribute ideas, concepts, and solutions and work with colleagues across the globe to continuously develop more innovative solutions for clients. Integrity, transparency and a commitment to client success form the base of our work culture, and we follow them every day.

At QAT Global we realize our strength is our staff. We hire the best talent and focus on retaining them. Employee retention is a vital part of our company’s values. An excellent work culture, support for a solid work-life balance, ongoing career development opportunities, and continual learning programs enable us to maintain a level of retention well above industry averages. Our focus is on retaining the best talent by investing in their development to help them reach their potential.

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Brazil Offshore Development Center

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