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QAT Global designs and supports finance systems that operate with high availability and deliver ever-increasing performance.
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Smart IT Solutions for Banking & Financial Organizations


QAT Global designs and supports finance systems that operate with high availability and deliver ever-increasing performance.

In the highly regulated and competitive financial industry, you must carefully assess risks and potential. Your IT systems must support fast and efficient business decision making and be easily updated to meet the latest regulatory compliance requirements.

QAT Global works with clients in the financial services industry to develop enterprise solutions that have the needed flexibility and scalability, yet deliver quality customer service. We design robust, user-friendly digital solutions for leaders and innovators in the financial services space by combining user experience design with forward-thinking architecture and accelerate delivery through Agile-scrum methodologies.

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Custom software solutions for banking and finance

In today’s business world, saving time and cost are some of the most important things to a company. A company should always be asking themselves if their process could be made easier, faster, or less costly. Typically, the best way to increase efficiency is to either improve on a current application or to automate a current business process. In addition to making a more efficient process, security is also a primary focus. Keeping all of this in mind, QAT Global has become a trusted source for business solutions in automation and development. QAT Global helps businesses to reach their full potential by providing the most efficient process possible.

QAT Global has been successfully providing solutions for enterprise-level banking and financial companies for nearly 20 years. Our expertise in advanced architecture enables us to create innovative and efficient solutions and also allows us to build on, maintain, and improve legacy software. Our work with large enterprise-level organizations to smaller private businesses and startups has provided us with the level of experience needed to take on the most challenging financial projects.

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