Alex Barros 20 years of excellent service at QAT Global

Alex Barros 20 years of excellent service at QAT Global

Alex is a Solutions Architect and our Director of Brazil Operations here at QAT Global. He has held many significant roles throughout his years of being with us. Twenty years ago, in 1999, not only did Alex join QAT Global, but he moved to the United States from Brazil. Alex always knew he wanted to travel overseas to gain a new perspective and live in a different environment. Alex saw QAT Global at a technology conference in the U.S. and just knew that this was where he wanted to work. Alex was drawn in because we were a smaller company that had a larger organization feel, in the industry he was searching for. We would say it has been a perfect fit.

Alex has always had a passion for the IT industry and was excited to start at QAT Global as a CA Gen Developer. Like many other employees, he did not stay in the same role throughout his career with the company. Alex moved on to be a Product Developer, and then after a few years became the Director of New Technology Development. After putting in his time on technology research, Alex moved into the positions he holds today, the Director of Brazil Operations where he handles most of their administrative tasks and a Solutions Architect where he leads projects and is currently working on the ordering system for a large company based out of New York.

Over the years of being here and holding different positions, Alex has been able to witness tremendous growth in the company and himself. Alex commented, “I love being exposed to a variety of clients and so many different lines of work.” He went on to say that with every new company or person he works with he has been able to gain a unique experience and learn something new that helps him with the next one. It is a continually growing field, one in which you could never get bored.

When someone has been working for the same company for over 20 years, it is impossible not to ask “Why have you stayed?”. Alex said that the technology industry is an incredibly fast-paced environment. He explained that there is a lot of demand and not many people who can supply the needs companies are looking for. Over the years Alex has been invited numerous times to work for other companies and has had clients try and get him to join them permanently. Even though Alex is high demand, he said he has never wanted to leave QAT Global as what he has here is simply not worth ever giving up.

One of the main reasons Alex loves being at QAT Global is the work-life balance he gets. Alex is someone who knows how to appreciate what he has. Before working at QAT Global, he lived in a very large city in Brazil and was spending 2-3 hours a day just getting to and from work. When you are already working full time, a commute like that was harshly cutting into his family time. Alex loves that QAT Global is based in Omaha and that he only spends 20 minutes a day getting to work, optimizing his time with his wife and two kids. Alex also loves the flexibility he gets with the company; he can work from home and have meetings there too, which can come in handy when working with the Brazil team.

Alex has had the chance to have a close relationship with our Omaha and Brazil team. “Even though day to day operations are a little different, both locations share the same values.” He explained the company culture as a shared and caring environment. Alex said he has never felt like another person in a cubical. He knows he matters here, and that people genuinely care about each other. He said one of his fondest memories here was going to a conference as a team with some of his coworkers. “ It was a time when everyone could really bond and get to know each other past the 9-5 setting.”

Over the past 20 years, Alex has been a vital member of the QAT Global team. We are thankful every day that we crossed paths at that conference and were able to gain such a dedicated and hard-working employee that has never let us down. Both Omaha and Brazil would be at a loss without Alex. We thank him for his twenty years of service and look forward to all the years to come.

Katie Wolford is the growth marketing intern at QAT Global for Winter 2018-Spring 2019. Responsible for developing content for clients on solutions and technology issues, providing sales support, and assisting with the company’s overall marketing activities.