Repeatable Success for Software Development Projects
Take an agile and innovative approach to application modernization and development.

Agility RPM

An agile and innovative approach to application modernization and development

Agility RPM is a proven, cutting-edge approach created by QAT Global to accelerate enterprise application modernization, develop rich user experiences, and develop new enterprise software projects.  Agility RPM is a platform combined with a repeatable agile development approach designed specifically to streamline the modernization of legacy systems and get ‘new to agile’ development teams up and running with speed and efficiency. In today’s highly competitive and cost-conscious market, it has become imperative for every organization to stand out of the crowd and integrate the latest technologies that will accelerate business growth. QAT Global strives to be at the forefront of adopting new and innovative technologies to provide quality, world-class products to clients. Agility RPM is yet another example of QAT Global’s commitment to this goal.

Agility RPM Quick Sheet

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What is Agility RPM methodology?

Agility RPM, from QAT Global, is an innovative and revolutionary approach that produces highly scalable, fast, and secure enterprise applications, changing the way legacy technology looks, acts and runs, in a way that minimizes risk to your business.

QAT Global has a team of agile software development experts who take pride in developing enterprise software applications using the Agility RPM enterprise development platform while maintaining the highest quality and efficiency to the core.  Agility RPM rapidly advances both front-end applications and backend applications to perfection.

While software development is done at a rapid pace, quality is always a top priority. Moreover, with this methodology and our services approach, the overall software development costs are significantly reduced.

Quality, Value, Speed – Everything you want and need for enterprise software development projects. QAT Global develops projects at a rapid pace and with the highest quality using its Agility RPM enterprise development methodology. Agility RPM is an innovative and revolutionary development approach that produces highly scalable, quick and secure enterprise applications.

How does Agility RPM work?

With Agility RPM, each client is assigned a Delivery Manager, a trademark of QAT Global.  This is the result of considerable research done across the development of several software products developed using distributed locations. This agile Delivery Manager enables companies to manage their agile software development strategies from a central point. While each software project is unique in its own way, Agility RPM is a proven method which strikes a balance with projects developed over distributed locations. A similar road map and methodology are used among distributed locations making the internal communications effective and strategic. Developers or clients can use this scrum methodology to better control the overall progress of multiple software projects. Both the backend and frontend frameworks are managed dynamically to produce world-class enterprise applications. Updates to business workflow and technological changes are regularly monitored and implemented at the earliest opportunity.

Agility RPM Methodology

QAT Global agile software development methodology comprises these vital components

  1. Agility RPM, the cutting edge agile software development methodology
  2. jDaptive, backend framework for Java
  3. nDaptive, backend framework for .NET
  4. WebDaptive, frontend framework for developing rich internet applications with enhanced graphical user interfaces.

jDaptive (Java) and nDaptive (.NET ) Backend frameworks

The backend framework implemented in Agility RPM is not just a simple methodology. It is done on an incremental procedure wherein changes and updates are incorporated during various levels of agile software development, overcoming challenges like internationalization, logging, security, transaction handling, and much more.

Frontend Framework WebDaptive for a Rich Internet Application Development

WebDaptive brings applications to life. This is the frontend framework of agile software development and relies heavily on jQuery. This rich internet technology features several innovative options to augment the client-server relation and enhance the product’s usability. Another outstanding feature of WebDaptive is the compatibility of the application with major browsers and operating systems.

QAT Global is a one-stop solution for all your technological needs, be it enterprise software development or the implementation of innovative methodologies. With cutting-edge technologies incorporated into the product and expert guidance from QAT Global, there is an overwhelming case for organizations to take full advantage of this revolutionary product.

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