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Agile Services: Training, Coaching, & Consulting


Getting Started With Agile Services

Doing Agile well can be challenging. Are you wondering where to start and how to maximize your benefits? QAT Global can partner with you on the journey to discovering what Agile can do for your organization through our Agile services offering.

Using Agile effectively creates a single team of the business and IT; breaking down traditional barriers to yield better returns, earlier time to value, and often lowering the risk profile. It isn’t simply another new fad or rigid methodology. It is a commonsense, practical approach to managing projects to deliver real business value. It provides development teams with a toolbox of best practices and principles, supported by agile behaviors. Agile development teams tend to be happier, more efficient, and more productive than other types of development teams overall. QAT Global can help you to be Agile. Our consultants have personal Agile development experience in their roles as senior development leads and IT project managers. Our Agile Services include:

  • Assessment Services designed to assess the existing state of Agile practices in the organization and provide a roadmap for adoption.
  • Training Services to provide teams with hands-on experience with planning and achieving deliverables, such as a product backlog or integrated release plan.
  • Coaching Services designed to help your development teams and individual developers apply Agile concepts and practices on real projects.
  • Enterprise Agile Adoption and Transformation for organizations ready to extend the benefits of Agile at the organizational, line-of-business, or global business level.

Why Agile?

  • Accelerate time-to-delivery and improve delivery predictability
  • Immediate ROI
  • Enhanced quality from combined efforts in development and testing
  • Better predictability because of short iterations
  • Increased control from built-in tracking mechanism
  • Reduce waste of time and materials
  • Higher development team morale and collaboration
  • Easy response to change

Our goal is to help you deliver the best possible value time after time. To help you do this, we provide:

  • Skilled Agile resources for specific roles
  • Agile Training, Coaching, & Consulting
  • Facilitation and iteration (project) management
  • Entire teams to get projects up and running quickly.

QAT Global’s Agile consulting service will help your organization to uncover hidden issues, understand pain points and identify resolution options, and create the capability to deliver working products/services in a shorter time frame.


QAT Global offers Assessment Services that assess the existing state of Agile practices in the organization and provides a roadmap for adoption. The assessment:

  • Identifies training needs
  • Helps identify projects suitable for Agile development
  • Helps implement and sustain Agile practices in the organization
  • Provides recommendations on the right tool(s) to support Agile in the organization


QAT Global’s Agile coaching services will provide your team with the support and guidance they need to effectively apply Agile development practices from project start to completion. Our experienced coaches will work alongside your team, mentoring and guiding them as they implement Agile practices. They are at your service to provide team facilitation, real-time feedback, professional mentoring, and management consulting.

Our coaching services can be customized to address a specific need or problem your team is facing. Coaching is performed on-site and can be scheduled to coincide with key dates for your project team. You can set up coaching engagements for as short as a few days or as part of a larger engagement such as an enterprise roll-out.

Team Services

We believe that people learn best by doing. At QAT Global, our Team Services provide structured coaching in a way that maximizes learning and skill development for teams that are adopting Agile practices. We do this by using a combination of classroom-based training with hands-on effort on real project artifacts.

  • A customized program of Agile and technical workshops
  • Guidance to get off to a solid start, develop momentum, and avoid typical pitfalls
  • Hands-on coaching and mentoring to improve the skills of individual developers and teams
  • Support to existing teams in growing their potential
  • Coaching and immediate feedback

Agile introduces teams to a new mindset, requiring new activities and practices. QAT Global Agile Team Services provides intensive, multi-day training sessions that enable teams to accomplish objectives, build best practices from the beginning, and maximize the potential of Agile.

QAT Global’s Agile coaches will work closely with your development teams and their leadership, providing team facilitation, real-time feedback, professional mentoring, and management consulting. Our experienced consultants will provide your teams with the support and expertise they need to succeed with Agile practices.

Agile Enterprise

Agile adoption across the enterprise requires the alignment of processes, practices, tools, and people. The full potential of agility is realized by creating a hybrid, custom fit that best leverages Agile values, principles, and practices throughout the business and enables value for customers.

Successful large-scale adoption of Agile involves using a phased approach to make significant changes at the individual, team, and organizational level. Agile Enterprise from QAT Global is a comprehensive program for software development and enterprise IT organizations who have successfully implemented Agile practices at the team level and are now ready to scale Agile across their enterprise. Our consultants work directly with cross-functional business and technology teams to analyze Agile capability and prioritize the enterprise adoption backlog using an Agile approach for the enterprise adoption. QAT Global delivers a roadmap to long-term, sustainable improvements by building on incremental changes and systematically transitioning management and teams for sustainability.

Comprehensive and Sustainable Benefits

Agile Consulting Services

Companies that adopt Agile practices benefit from decreased cycle times and the resulting accelerated time-to-market, increased ability to accommodate changing requirements, improved productivity and quality, reduced projects cost and risk, and improved project visibility. Forrester reports “Application development leaders often underestimate the amount of change required to adopt Agile processes.” QAT Global’s Agile services for enterprises guide organizations through complex cross-functional changes to increase Agile competencies at the individual, team, and company level.

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