User Interface Framework – QAT WebDaptive is an open-standards based user interface development/runtime framework that simplifies the integration of applications, service-oriented architectures, and any web client technology into a single integrated application.

QAT WebDaptive – User Interface Development / Runtime Web Framework

QAT WebDaptive is an open-standards based framework that can enhance applications with a rich, single page user interface. It also simplifies the integration of service oriented architectures and multiple web client technologies. WebDaptive provides simple configuration files to define a single page menu and navigation schema. WebDaptive supports any combination of top level menus, left side tree menus and tabs to rapidly produce a rich single page user interface that includes disparate technologies all integrated as a single application.

QAT WebDaptive will help you build state-of-the-art web applications with a rich user interface that can seamlessly communicate with other web and client/server applications. Take the time to understand the product and you will quickly realize why WebDaptive is the best choice for both the professional and the novice web developer.

QAT WebDaptive also includes a number of enterprise web services that simplify web development and integration. For example, the Session Service is an enterprise web service that can be used to share data across any application or technology that can communicate via web services.