QAT Global’s Technology Expertise: On-Demand Access to Unique Skill Sets

QAT Global offers a vendor neutral approach to bring you the best solution to exactly fit your needs: technology that supports and drives your business. We offer services in architecture and planning, technology consulting, mobile development, and enterprise support to help you plan and implement new solutions.

QAT Global’s technology expertise provides clients with a unique set of skills. The team at QAT Global helps clients succeed by creating innovative solutions for complex problems that produce business value. They are trusted advisers, equipped with an average of more than 15 years of experience in providing innovative solutions to complex technology challenges. In addition to hiring top-level global engineers, QAT Global provides employees with ongoing training workshops and continuing education opportunities. Through this careful cultivation of knowledge, QAT Global is able to offer clients with on-demand access to a wide range of unique skill sets and technology expertise.

Technical Competencies

QAT Global’s expertise is always evolving to keep pace with new technology. We bring a very strong competency in the entire range of Microsoft and Java suite of technologies and work from an agile-scrum basis. QAT Global also has very strong expertise in Open Source Framework development as well as on the various database technologies.


Training and Development

We invest a lot in constantly learning various current and future technologies that help us deliver best the solutions to our customers. Our technology specialists keep updated with current and future trends, helping us design optimal product development solutions. Our excellent architecture skills and deep understanding of technical issues allow us to design the right architecture that ensures quick, cost-effective and future-safe solutions and helps us to troubleshoot technical issues quicker and reduce development time.


QAT Global teams are lead by our experienced technology managers and veteran consultants with strong know-how and experience in the respective technologies. They ensure that their knowledge and competencies are imparted across various project teams through learning sessions, workshops and the corporate intranet. This ensures that we offer fast, reliable high quality solutions by leveraging the formidable repository of skills available through our proprietary curriculum.

The right technology for the job – We pick the best technology for your project and use it to build custom software.