jDaptive Backend Framework for Java – QAT Global’s jDaptive backend framework for Java is designed to deliver the highest level of quality and the fastest time to market.

jDaptive Application Platform

For Enterprise Application Development

QAT Global’s layered OO Java/JEE application platform, based on open source spring and spring batch application frameworks, is architected to be elastic for the cloud.

Includes the QAT Global Java Architecture, Java Standards, Best Practices & Training:

  • Reference Architecture
    • Physical Architecture (Deployment environment)
    • Technical Architecture (Tools, Programming Languages, Frameworks etc…)
    • Logical Architecture (Application, Data, Process)
  • Logical Application Layers
  • Analysis and Design Artifacts Standards and Governance
  • Coding Standards and Best Practices
  • Security Standards and Best Bractices
  • Code Review Processes and Governance
  • Unit Test Standards and Governance
  • Functional Test Standards and Governance
  • Development Tools, Configuration Management (i.e. svn), Development/Testing Environment Standards, Best Practices and Governance
  • IT Resource Tansformation