In today’s fast changing IT environment, managing resources is a constant challenge for IT Directors. To meet these demands, building a relationship with a trusted staffing supplier can be an essential component of a successful resourcing department.

QAT Global IT Staffing Solutions specializes in providing contract and permanent IT business and technical resources, particularly in specialist skills areas. We appreciate the importance of having the Right Resource, at the Right Place, at the Right Time – so you can control costs while maximizing profitability. Whether you need additional support for a week or for a year, we understand you need more than someone who simply has the technical ability to get the job done. You expect someone you can count on to take your business as seriously as you do. QAT Global gives you a trusted partner who will deliver qualified professional IT resources quickly and efficiently.

Our Services

Permanent Staff Recruitment/Direct Hire

A perfect solution for businesses that need technical resources internally, but may not have the recruiting expertise or resources to attract ideal candidates. As part of an IT solutions company, we have strong in-house technical resources that we use to support the recruiters for both the technical assessment and interview processes. This service allows businesses to immediately hire QAT Global Consultants as internal employees.

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Temporary Staffing Recruitment/Contract Services

A perfect solution for businesses that have frequently changing IT staffing needs. As projects ramp up, we are there to provide the additional technical resources to get the project done on schedule. Our initial search starts with our established network of contacts built up over 13 years in the IT services and recruitment industry. We have an exclusive database of both associates and contractors that have worked for us over the years on assignments. Knowing our consultants so well, means we can find the right technical and cultural fit for your team. QAT Global also handles all of the human resources functions. As project activity decreases, QAT Global takes care of discontinuing the additional resources.

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Managed Staffing Recruitment

Increasingly, clients are seeking to reduce the time and risk associated with contract resourcing and are choosing the option of our Managed Staffing Recruitment Solution. Here, we work with our clients at the resource management level to closely understand their environment, potential requirements and culture within the team. The client outlines likely workload peaks and troughs over the forthcoming months and then outsources the responsibility of providing the right level of flexibility and expertise to us during the whole of the contract period.

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Workforce and Technology Assessment Services

We provide assessment services to evaluate current supported applications along with the skills and resources currently utilized to maintain those applications. From the people to the technology in place, the focus of an assessment is to address the goals of the business today, tomorrow, and far into the future. Keeping an eye on your strategic plan, we will consider how far into the future to project your Assessment. This includes balancing the certainty of short-range planning against the need to plan for longer-range objectives.

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