QAT Global Helps Governments Become More Effective in Delivering Rich User Experiences and True Public Value

Government Services

Government entities of all sizes (local, state, and federal) face unparalleled challenges as they seek to improve the safety, security, and quality of life for all, keeping within limited resources. From increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of existing systems to developing new ones, the challenges are many and varied. These challenges have created a common set of questions from all levels of government:

  • How can we enhance our revenues?
  • Can we make this system more user-friendly?
  • Is their a way to accomplish our new goals without having to replace our older systems that are still working?
  • Can you help us find a way to measure our outcomes?
  • Is their a way to ease the financial burden of transitioning to new technologies?

For over 10 years, our government clients have trusted QAT Global to answer their most difficult questions and provide them with realistic solutions. We understand the unique missions of government, and can help address your key priorities and challenges. QAT Global helps all levels of government achieve the outcomes they require including cost-savings, legacy modernization, and increased efficiency and agility. QAT Global is helping governments at all levels serve and protect citizens more effectively than ever. Learn more about QAT Global’s GSA Schedule.

Small Business Partner Delivering Technology Agnostic Approach

QAT Global is a Small Business Partner that provides advanced enterprise architecture design services to Federal and State Government agencies. We pride ourselves on maintaining a technology agnostic approach to assessing and making recommendations to our clients. QAT Global will not lead you down a self-serving path, so we can sell you proprietary software and/or equipment. We have a proven track record of helping our customers move towards advanced architectures (i.e. J2EE, .NET, SOA, Web services, etc.) while coexisting with the large investment they have in legacy software. QAT Global can help you extend the life of your legacy investment by integrating it with new technologies. As time and budgets permit you can replace the legacy code with your technology of choice. QAT Global can help you formulate a plan that fits your business need and capabilities. With QAT Global, you can work with the end goal in mind and stick to a sensible plan and budget.

Federal, State, and City Government Solutions

Additionally, QAT Global offers IT staffing services, software development and integration and QAT Genesis — a legacy modernization solution. QAT Global is excited to provide our customers with a service offering to re-platform their legacy COBOL Code to an advanced flexible development environment. Imagine deploying your COBOL Systems to Client/Server, SOA, .NET or J2EE architectures. We are uniquely positioned to move your systems from the “Old World” to the “New World” with QAT Genesis!

For government organizations, the QAT Global (QAT) GSA schedule contract number is: GS-35F-0074P

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QAT Global has hands-on experience helping state and local government organizations deliver on projects that address concerns such as legacy modernization and streamlining operations. Public sector organizations turn to QAT Global to develop, implement, and support the IT systems necessary to operate within an environment of tightly controlled financial resources and high levels of accountability.