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Migrate to DevOps to Experience Agility to the Fullest


IT operations and development deliver greater business value working together rather than in competition.

What exactly is DevOps?

DevOpsWhile cloud computing is catching everywhere, DevOps is another innovative and powerful concept which is rapidly becoming popular. While it is still relatively new, this revolutionary concept is changing the way companies build applications. DevOps is an approach to bridge the gap between Agile software development and operations making development and operations teams work together to achieve the business goal of stability in delivering changes; testers, release managers, and change management teams are included. DevOps has started a new era in cloud computing, offering agile software development to the fullest. While most IT companies are still analyzing this agility based concept, QAT Global is one of the few companies which deploys experts in DevOps for an efficient collaboration of your development workflow.

How QAT Global Can Help You With DevOps Assessments

QAT Global offers result oriented DevOps assessments to define the necessary entity for it within your organization. At QAT Global, we understand that business workflow differs with each organization and hence we define the scope of DevOps before actually implementing this methodology.

Pre-development Assessment

Experts in DevOps at QAT Global prepare the pre-development assessment in a holistic approach. Before the web application development project hits the air, the total product life cycle is visualized in a perfect manner. Infrastructural costs over cloud building, updates to the product and operational procedures are taken into consideration. This methodology allows our experts to create a perfect roadmap for the entire product life cycle.

Post-development Assessment

Experts in DevOps at QAT Global offer post-development assessments with the same efficacy. While the developers build the required application, DevOps offers a perfect platform to test the application and make it ready for deployment, taking the help of the operations team. Post development maintenance is also included within the assessment.

QAT Global offers DevOps metrics for an easy cost estimation of the total product lifecycle. It is vital to compare the total investment with the returns expected. The metrics from DevOps Assessments give you an upfront idea of the application development lifecycle. While there is a greater agility in the application development, embracing DevOps enables your organization to integrate several entities together to cope with the agile pace.

At QAT Global, our goal is to help our clients to build their processes, teams, and infrastructure in the DevOps model. For more information on how to assess your organization’s readiness for DevOps and how to migrate to it in your organization, team up with experts in DevOps at QAT Global.

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