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Case Studies


Looking for some examples of how our clients are getting the most out of QAT Global services and products? Our case studies will show you how other organizations are maximizing their investments and taking advantage of innovation.

Case Studies

QAT Global Helps Clients Become More Effective in Delivering Rich User Experiences and True Value

Success is measured in many ways. We measure success by our clients‘ success. Here are just a few of our recent success stories. Tell us, what will yours be?

ABS Global – Custom Software Product Development 2017-06-30T09:09:56+00:00
Leading Utility Solution Provider – Full Development Lifecycle Staff Augmentation 2017-05-22T08:05:22+00:00
Healthcare Startup – Custom SaaS Product Development 2017-05-12T13:35:52+00:00
Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility Startup – Website Design & Marketing 2017-04-25T12:56:35+00:00
Utility Solutions Provider – Data Warehouse Modernization 2017-04-25T12:56:40+00:00
Utility Solutions Provider – Custom Application Development 2017-04-25T12:56:49+00:00
Government Financial Agency – Technology Modernization 2017-04-25T12:54:58+00:00
Government Agency – System Modernization 2017-04-25T12:55:39+00:00
Utility Solutions Provider – Software Product Development 2017-04-25T12:55:47+00:00
Arizona Public Service – Application Modernization 2017-04-25T12:56:03+00:00
Utility Solutions Provider – Custom Software Development 2017-04-25T12:56:09+00:00
Government Agency – COTS System Modernization 2017-04-25T12:59:06+00:00
Money Service Business – Custom Software Development 2017-09-22T09:39:36+00:00
Atrium Windows and Doors – Modernization and Application Upgrade 2017-04-25T12:59:23+00:00
Large Railroad Corporation – IT Staffing 2017-04-25T12:59:30+00:00
State of Nevada – Application Integration 2017-04-25T12:59:36+00:00
Illinois River Energy – Website Redesign 2017-04-25T12:59:42+00:00
NDOR – Technology & Workforce Assessment Services 2017-04-25T12:59:50+00:00
Fortune 100 Global Financial Institution – Enterprise Application Development 2017-04-25T12:59:55+00:00
Union Pacific Railroad – Custom Software Development 2017-04-25T13:00:01+00:00
Major U.S. Government Agency – Legacy Software Modernization 2017-04-25T13:00:07+00:00
Financial Services – Business Process Automation 2017-04-25T13:01:41+00:00
Technology Solution Provider – IT Staffing 2017-04-25T13:01:47+00:00
Commercial Banking Firm – Technology Upgrade 2017-04-25T13:01:53+00:00
State Government Agency – Technology Upgrade 2017-04-25T13:02:01+00:00
Retail Store – Technology Upgrade 2017-04-25T13:02:09+00:00
State Government – IT Staffing 2017-04-25T13:02:14+00:00
State of California EDD – Application Modernization 2017-04-25T13:02:20+00:00
Volvo Logistics – Custom Software Development 2017-04-25T13:02:27+00:00
National Transportation Company – IT Staffing 2017-04-25T13:02:42+00:00
FedEx Freight – Application Development and IT Staffing 2017-04-25T13:02:48+00:00
Large Transportation Company – IT Staffing 2017-04-25T13:02:53+00:00
USPTO – Application Integration 2017-04-25T13:02:59+00:00

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